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Introducing SurvivalCraft v1.7.3


For the skilled and most adventurous players out there, Minecraft can sometimes come across as a fairly simple game. Almost too simple. Once you build your first mud-fortified shelter you're pretty much walking on easy street as far as your dealings with the game's zombies go. There just simply isn't enough danger when you can dash into your house at the first hint of the sun setting.

So enter SurvivalCraft. This mod outfits the game's mobs with an enhanced path-finding algorithm and additional behaviour. Now your zombies, spiders and other walking-dead are intelligent and sophisticated.

With this mod, mobs will dig through blocks with purpose & intent. And even by utilizing tools!

Here are some of the key features:

- Spiders & Zombies dig through blocks to smash your skull in
- Creepers will do their damnedest to explode within range of you
- Enhanced path-finding algorithm so that mobs can follow your ever move
- Mobs that dig can do so diagonally, up and down
- Visible and audible digging effects for mobs
- All functionality automatically applied to mobs you've added from within a mod
- You can disable each default mob's digging powers
- Spiders can be mounted by creepers and skeletons
- Mobs can sprint, meaning you're F*CKED
- They'll avoid lava, water and any other obstacle you're trusting your life on


Mod Loader and ModOptions API
Installation & Download

Download this mod right here

1) Find your minecraft.jar (check note below)*
2) Open the minecraft.jar file in WinRAR or 7zip (do not extract it)
3) Extract the contents of the Survival Craft ZIP file
4) Copy the files into your minecraft.jar
6) Delete META-INF folder IF it exists in the minecraft.jar
7) Run Minecraft* Windows: /AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/bin/
* Mac: Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft -> bin
* Linux: ~/.minecraft/bin/