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Snapshot News: 14w02b adds blocks, changes enchanting and villager trading

Are you ready for another exciting snapshot? Mojang has released snapshot 14w02b today and with it some new blocks and lots of changes to villager trading and the way enchanting works. Read on for the details.


The new snapshot features three new blocks, apparently types of stone - Diorite, Granite and Andesite. They spawn naturally in the world and can be “polished” by combing 4 in a 2×2 grid, creating a new decoration block. There are recipes to create each type of stone from other types, like so:

  • Cobblestone + Quartz = Diorite
  • Cobblestone + Diorite = Granite
  • Diorite + Quart = Andesite

The snapshot also debuts the new slime block, crafted by filling the 3×3 grid with slimeballs. The new block negates fall damage and makes you bounce proportionate with your impact force meaning just jumping on it will result in small bounces, but landing a fall will make you bounce a lot.


The enchanting mechanic has been reworked in this new snapshot in a lot of ways. First off, enchantments are now a lot cheaper. You still need to have a lot of levels to unlock better enchants, but you'll only spend up to 3 levels buying one. Enchanting now requires lapis to enchant, probably to balance out the lower cost. Renames are now only one level and repairs are significantly cheaper - only a couple of levels to repair even the most powerful tools and weapons.


Trading with villagers has been reworked a bit, adding more villager types and the way you unlock new trades has been changed. The villager type, previously identified only by clothes color, is now displayed in the trade window, letting you know what kind of trade you can expect from him. The new villagers like the Leathersmith or Fletcher, along with changes to the trades available, seem to allow for more renewable resources and are generally more useful to the player.

The snapshot also brought door stacking (aw yeah) and a mossy stone recipe, as well as a ton of bugfixes, like usual.

You can download the snapshot via the Minecraft launcher (just go to Edit Profile and enable developmental versions).

Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.