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“Waking Up” Super Hostile Map #14 - Vechs Makes Grown Men Weep Once Again

You might have heard of a good chap called Vechs over on the Minecraft forums. He is a very famous and talented map maker that hates you. Yes YOU. He hates you. Don't believe me? Try one of his maps. These maps are extremely challenging, which is what they're known for, but also have a very nice “epic” aesthetic to them that makes beating them very rewarding.  Anyway, his latest map “Waking Up” is based on a short story of the same map and is a part of the aptly named Super Hostile series (you know, because it hates you). I've tried it and lived to tell the tale…

I should first explain the rules of conflict here. While the beginning of the map includes a handy wall filled with signs that explain it, you should know the general idea first. Your goal is to build a victory monument at a specific location on the map. This monument is made out of every ore block and every color variation of wool. The wool is not meant to be crafted, but rather found in chests that are extremely protected and hard to reach. The ores blocks are crafted from materials you gather on your quest. Sound easy? It's not.

Pro Tip: Don't take all your weapons/tools/food with you. Keep most of it in a chest. You WILL die a lot and lose most of your stuff.

Enemies are everywhere around you. Whichever zone you might find yourself in is filled with dark spots where mobs spawn. Torches require coal, so they're a luxury and you can't just light up everything. There's lava, giant holes, tons of spawners and just all around extreme difficulty. This is what makes Vechs' maps so hard, but it's not too overwhelming. You won't feel like you're being cheated. You'll recognize that it's very hard, but know that it's possible, which makes it so much more appealing to keep trying, and even when you die you know exactly why you died - you did something wrong.

This map tries something new that we haven't seen before - to add an actual story. As much as I would love to tell you it makes the map better, I can't. The story revolves around lucid dreaming - a phenomenon where you are aware and can control your dreams - but it doesn't do much to help the map. Your focus here will be the challenging combat and platforming, as the story books only provide a neat bonus objective. The map is designed beautifully. The lighting makes everything look dangerous and mysterious and the cave system you're in is stunningly large and epic.

My personal experience with this map was fun, but short, like with every map of Vechs' I try. It's not that the map is too hard, it's just that I quit after a while since I tend to be easily frustrated by stuff like this and the challenge overwhelms me. I didn't break anything, I just quit. I had tons of fun up until that point, so I don't regret trying this map or any of its brothers.

If you like a challenge, you should try this map. You'll love it! If you're like me and can get frustrated by too great of a challenge, at least try it as you will surely get at least some fun out of it. You can download “Waking Up”, and the rest of Vechs' maps, here:

Download Waking Up and other Vechs' challenging maps here!

Did you try the map? If so, how far along did you get? Tell us in the comment section below.