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Misa's Realistic Texture Pack

When it comes to texture packs, Misa's Realistic Texture Pack is one of the most established and well known packs out there. It supports a single 64x HD texture resolution and takes a realistic approach to Minecraft as well as support some cool features that immerse you in the game more. Let's take a closer look at it. Enjoy the sights.

Despite being one of the many realistic texture packs out there, Misa's pack has a unique aesthetic to it that you grow to know and love in a matter of minutes. Terrain looks very smooth and successfully avoids the grain effect you get with a lot of realistic HD texture packs. Stone and ores look awesome so long mining runs will be more pleasant with this texture pack.

Items have the realistic look you'd expect from this type of texture pack and look very nice, but take a while to get used to if you've been using the vanilla textures earlier. Animals look very realistic, but still have a piece of weird in them, like the vanilla Minecraft animals. Mobs look really scary. No seriously, mob skins are amazingly gory and creepy, and will scare the soul out of you when they creep up to you from the darkness. This makes the texture pack unsuitable for young kids.

Each wood type has it's own unique spin which makes biomes look really cool but does cause them to not fit together as nicely as in some other texturepacks, including vanilla. This is my main gripe with this pack. While terrain looks really cool, building materials don't fit in nicely together, and building with a single block type doesn't help. This also results in other people's builds not looking as good on servers. I also feel like the texture pack could have really used some extra pixels if Misa went for the 128x resolution, as you can now see pixels when close up to a block, which kind of ruins the realism feeling.

Misa's pack supports a lot of different cool features from the MCPatcher to the point where it seems like the pack is the default pack to show off the various features of the patcher. Custom atmospheric color makes the sky change colors depending on what biome you're in, once again improving upon the look and feel of biomes significantly. Random textures are supported to which means flowers have different shapes and sizesa and grass and stone have different patterns making the world feel more dynamic and diverse. Connected textures are supported as well so multiple adjacent glass/bookshelf/other blocks connect together into one big texture (no more lines all over your big windows!), as well as Randomobs meaning animals and mobs have several skins out of which one is randomly picked each time an animal or mob spawns. The mod also has some cool effects like ores sparkling as well as some items having effects (similar to the golden apple in vanilla).

Overall, Misa's Realistic Texture Pack well deserves it's fame. It looks great and has tons of features which outweigh some of its flaws. I recommend you try it as soon as you can. You can download it from here:


What do you think of the texture pack? Do you like the realistic look or are you going to stick to your old texture pack? Let us know in the comment section below.