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Oceancraft - liven up your Minecraft oceans!

Add life to your world's oceans with this new mod by thomassu. It adds new blocks, items, mobs and world generation features. If you want buy Viagra with overnight delivery go to this link for best price in USA. Make the ocean floor colorful and pretty, enhance the coast with crabs and oysters and more! Read on for the details and download…

Ever since big realistic oceans were added to Minecraft, they've felt a bit empty. While other biomes were gradually improved and made more interesting, oceans are still as boring as they were in Beta 1.8, and the community has been requesting an update for a while now. Luckily, Oceancraft provides just this.

The ocean floor has always been bland and uninteresting, but with Oceancraft seaweeds will grow and corals will glow, along with touches like sponges and oysters. It really makes the ocean look way better, even from outside water. On the coast you'll find quicksand which slowly sucks you in and spawns above lava, so be careful. You'll also encounter tropical huts along the shoreline. These are a lot like witch huts in vanilla Minecraft. The cannibals that inhabit them are aggressive, but the loot inside is usually worth the trouble.

On the creature side, the mod impresses with a large selection of new animals that are added to the ocean. The usual suspects - sharks, whales and tiny fish - are all here, as well as sea turtles and manta rays. The variety of mobs added provides a very beautiful sight when exploring oceans, with lots of animals swimming behind every corner. To catch fish, manta rays and crabs you can craft a fishing net, or a reinforced one if you want to catch some of the bigger animals. When caught, the animal will appear in your inventory as an item and you can right click to spawn it back.

Of course an ocean mod wouldn't be complete without some sort of diving gear, and Oceancraft delivers with a snorkel that lets you breathe submerged and gives you better vision underwater. Flippers can be crafted for faster swimming and a turtle shell chest piece is here to complete the set. Another set of coral armor is also available.  You can even find special pearls inside oysters that let you breathe and see better underwater (like a snorkel).

That's it for this spotlight. I was impressed with Oceancraft. I like mods that focus on a specific part of the game and improve it drastically without getting to complicated and unnecessarily large. Oceancraft manages to make oceans a lot more interesting than they were, and I highly recommend you check it out. You can do so here:

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Oceancraft mod!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Put the mod's .zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v1.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4.