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Legendary Beasts Alpha - A Cool Boss Mod

Challenge is something every player craves in a game. It is the driving force, - the motivation - that pushes gameplay forward. However, after some time passes and you're all decked out with diamond gear, vanilla Minecraft starts lacking it. This is why there are lots of mods that add an additional challenge, a so called “end-game”. Among these is Legendary Beasts, a mod by Davidee currently in public alpha. The mod adds 5 randomly spawning temples, each with a unique boss “beast” and a very nice reward. Read on to find out all about them…

The five temple types in this mod share a few features. They each have a theme, a unique beast with a unique loot item (which I will not spoil) you cannot get anywhere else. Each beast also drops a Sacred eye item that works like an ender eye, except it leads you to the nearest temple. Let's take a look at all the beasts and their temples.

First up is the Ender Lord, an enderman themed beast that spawns in a big enderstone pyramid usually on a body of water. He will teleport around and is immune to arrows (they will hurt you instead). Once you get the hang of his teleporting habits, he's pretty easy.

Next up is the Fire Demon, the flame themed beast. His temple is a huge netherstone house with a burning roof. Can't miss it, as it usually makes sure to set everything around it on fire. The Fire Demon burns everything that touches him and even sets anything near him on fire. He's resistant against arrows, so melee is recommended and fire-resistant armor required.

The Elf Hunter is the forest themed beast - a tall green archer. His temple is a big terrace made of wood and leaves. Being an archer he shoots arrows that sometimes deal a poison effect, and must be fought with arrows. He will also run towards you, making that ranged battle a bit hard. This one actually has two possible loot drops, both ranged weapons.

The Lightning Spirit is an air themed beast. His temple is a blue cloud in the sky (can't miss this one either). His abilities are shooting lightning and spawning powered creepers. He is also immune to ranged damage and immune to knock back, making him a tough enemy to fight, especially considering you can fall off the cloud.

Finally, the Snow Beast is our snow themed beast that, appropriately spawns in a big snowball. The Snow Beast will throw dangerous snowballs (one that actually do damage!) and run at you to try to hit you. He is angered by fire and smashes blocks when he's angry. This fight is definitely the coolest fight of the five.

Well, that is all for this mod. I liked playing with it. It's not too complicated but still provides a nice challenge for those that seek it. It's not something you NEED to have, but since it only requires Forge and doesn't overwrite any core files, I deem it worthy of my mod collection.

If you'd like to try it out, you can download it below:

Download Legendary Beasts Alpha right here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Open minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder.
  2. Install the Forge API.
  3. Run Minecraft at least once.
  4. Put the downloaded zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  5. Play!

As usual, feel free to leave any thoughts you might have in the comment section, be it about the mod, or the fact that I managed to go through the entire article without making a HIMYM reference.

Version of mod reviewed: Alpha for Minecraft 1.5.2.