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1.4 Update News: Decoration, API named and hard mode made harder

Enjoying that new 1.3 update and all the cool new stuff it brought? Well, Dinnerbone and Jeb want to make sure you still have something to look forward to in the next one - 1.4, so they put in a bunch of cool new stuff. Decorative stuff to make your house even prettier than it is. Pots grace your plants, frames put your items on the wall and cobblestone walls let you live the mediterranean farmer life. Dinnerbone also un-nerfed fire in hard mode (this includes hardcore) and tweeted some info about the early stages of the API and its name. Read on for details on the 1.4 update…

Let's start with pots. Dinnerbone added these as a new decorative option. There's only one picture available, but it shows that the pots act like blocks of dirt - you can plant anything in them that you could plant on a dirt block. There also appears to be a tiny cactus in one of the pots. It is unknown whether or not it is a unique kind of cactus, or just regular cactus made smaller by planting in the pot.

Moving onto frames. Finally, we are able to put maps and clocks on the walls. It's about darn time as well. Dinnerbone showed the two of those along with some weapons and armor, all hung up nicely on the wall. He said in a tweet that all items will be able to be framed and hung on walls. Cool cool cool.

Next we have the cobblestone walls, a cobblestone version of fences. The picture Jeb tweeted shows that they connect to regular fence gates, and are presumably as tall as fences since he appears to be keeping a sheep inside.

Dinnerbone also tweeted a link to the official Minecraft API github page, where a short text describes the current state of the Mod API:

Workbench is the working name of the official Minecraft API, currently in very early stages of development. Its goal is to provide a means of allowing anyone to pick up Minecraft and easily achieve any goal from modifying gameplay to creating utilities to overhauling the client's graphics.

He also nerfed fire in hard mode, making it once again burn down entire forests if you're not careful enough. Hard mode includes hard difficulty AND hardcore mode, making lava falls an undesirable way to light up your courtyard. He also mentioned that wolf collars will be able to be dyed, and armor is now dye-able as well.

Do you like the changes introduced in this latest update? Are you looking forward to 1.4? Let us know in the comment section below!