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Snapshot News - Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Tease

Earlier today Dinnerbone, one of the lead developers of Minecraft, tweeted a mysterious tease which turned out to contain a screenshot with tons of new info on the long-awaited Minecraft 1.9 update - The Combat Update. Read on for the details…

The mentioned tweet is:

The following picture is meaningless and is probably not even worth your time clicking on it. //media.dinnerbone.com/uploads/2015-05/screenshots/04_15-51-30_LLw4sOTM2a.png

Now, if you've clicked that link you might have thought that it was just an empty picture, but if you take a closer look, there's a small line at the top two pixels wide. Turns out that the link leads to a very wide, but only 2 pixels tall picture, it's content mysterious.

Thanks to user FiredPlayer over on the Minecraft subreddit, the content was deciphered - it was a normal screenshot split into 2px tall stripes that were then arranged side by side. With some PHP magic, FiredPlayer deciphered the image into this:

For such a simple screenshot, it sure reveals a lot, doesn't it? The two key points would be:

  • Shields - it seems as though we are finally getting them. There's an obvious shield slot in the screenshot, and there's tons of potential in the feature, especially since the update is combat focused (fingers crossed for customisable sigils on shields).
  • Arrow Types - in the screenshot we can see mutiple color coded special arrows. Though we do not yet know what they do, one could assume there will be a variety of effects they inflict upon your foes, probably with lots of similarities to the splash potion effects.

All that from one screenshot! There's obviously more to come, a lot of which will be revealed once a snapshot hits, so stay tuned for that. A month ago, Mojang asked for suggestions for the Combat Update on reddit, and got a lot of cool responses, so I'm personally excited to see how much of the community-suggested stuff makes it into the Combat Update.

That's it for this edition of Snapshot News, but stay tuned for more Combat Update goodness as well as other news, showcases and general Minecraft coolness.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.