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Vechs' Super Hostile #12: Inferno Mines

You all know Vechs, the infamous mastermind behind some of the hardest Minecraft maps ever known to man? He'd like to get coffee sometime. You know, catch up, talk about the old days and maybe even die a couple hundred times. All jokes aside, Vechs is back with a new evil map that will make you suffer yet love every second of it. The latest map, Inferno Mines,  is a new addition to the Super Hostile series Vechs is known for. Is it hard? Yes. Is it fun? Heck yes. Here's how it looks.

Vechs describes the map like this:

Explore the vast mining operation left behind by a team of miners and explorers.  Deep underground, a huge network of caves, tunnels, and massive chasms contains treasure, adventure, and extreme dangers.  Defeat all-new enemies made possible with the Minecraft 1.5 update, and venture even deeper into areas no human has tread for thousands of years.

My experience, however, was a bit less fantasy exploration, and more “You died” screen. Classic Vechs.

I spawn in a big area with instructions on how to play, as always. There are three skylights, each of which offers a different path towards the same goal, each with a different reward at the end. I choose the first one, because it offers wood, which I can craft into stuff I need. I teleport to a cave and get a “Flamebringer” from a nearby chest. It's a flint and steel with endless durability. I continue onward, until a zombie drops on my face and mauls me until I drop into the lava below.

I try, once again, to go trough the first skylight,  carefully avoiding the mob horde lurking from the shadows. I get out of the initial room, only to have a Creeper surprise me and his explosion sends me flying through the air as I drop to my second death. I continue to attempt to fight my way through, each time lasting even shorter as the hordes of enemies close in every time I teleport and get their attention. Luckily, Vechs added a death count that counts deaths as “derps” on the screen, so I know exactly how many times I've failed miserably. I ponder whether or not my manhood should be revoked as I am mercilessly cut down 5 times in a minute.

This isn't working. I try another route. The second skylight provides a somewhat easier route. No mobs lurk in the beginning chamber and I take my new flamebringer with me as I run through the haunted corridors that would surely see me die sooner than pick up those mushrooms on the stone floor that call to me. I notice a beautiful ravine, bigger than anything vanilla Minecraft could offer. I gaze at it amazed by its glorious lava falls and mossy ruins. This map sure is beautiful when it's not trying to kill you horribly. Unfortunately, I soon learned that it never ceases to try to kill you, since I was shot by a skeleton and sent plummeting down the ravine I so foolishly admired mere seconds earlier. What a fool I was.

I repeat my route, this time taking less damage and not stopping to admire the view. I get to a safe zone, though, I think I may have lost hope by now. Lots of giant mushrooms and Mooshrooms are in this place. I notice a building over on the other side. I enter it quickly, since a zombie is following my footsteps and is getting closer. I notice two rooms, each with a chest. I open it for a split second and move away quickly. I am no fool. I know that 1.5 introduced trap chests, and that Vechs has surely taken that into account. Unfortunately for the rats that would feast on my pixely corpse if I were to be blown up, this was not a trap. I open the chest again and take a look.

Hmph. It seems Notch has not forsaken me. This journey might yet succeed.

If you too would like to scream like a little girl as you are blown apart again and again in a merciless onslaught of mobs, you can download the map here:

Download Vechs Super Hostile #12: Inferno Mines Map here!

Let us know how you liked the map in the comment section below! If you've completed it, post a screenshot in your comment and you'll get a personalized note of high praise from the author of this article, your truly - Little “I suck at this map” Dinamit.