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Famous Modders partake in Minecraft API Discussion with Mojang


Late yesterday, Mojang held a very important discussion on Ester IRC. Famous modders from the Minecraft community joined and discussed the API with the recently hired ex-Bukkit developers at Mojang. They discussed how it would work and what it would do, etc. This is great news for you, the ordinary user that likes mods, and I'm here to explain why without too much complicated coder talk.

A lot of people you've heard of took part in this discussion. Here's a list from the forums:

List of Attendees:

  • Afforess from Spout
  • Searge from MCP
  • Amaranth from Bukkit
  • UltraMoogleMan of WEDGE fame
  • RoyAwesome of Spout GUI fame
  • TkTech of #mcdevs and MCEdit fame
  • Jarvix from Canary
  • LexManos from Minecraft Forge
  • FlowerChild of Better Than Wolves fame
  • ShaRose of GuiAPI and ID Resolver fame
  • Cojo of Tropicraft fame
  • Corosus of ZombieCraft and Tropicraft fame
  • medsouz of SocialMiner fame
  • Xie of Xie's Mods fame
  • Snowl of MCForge (classic) and LibMinecraft fame
  • DV8FromTheWorld from Minecraft Port Central
  • Kulttuuri from MinecraftEDU
  • Eloraam of Minecraft Forge and RedPower fame
  • sk89q of WorldEdit, WorldGuard and CraftBook fame

Some of the most important people were there to talk about the API, and everyone had something to say. After some introductions, the discussion over how the API would be handled began. EvilSeph and Grum revealed some details. First off, they said that the idea behind the API is for users to never have to open Minecraft's jar files again, something that many users will be glad to hear. They said that while this may not be achieved right away as the API will not be feature complete at first, they will eventually cover 95% of things a modder could possibly want to do in the API.

Since a lot of mods edit the core Minecraft code instead of just adding new stuff, it was discussed how modders would be able to do this. Grum said that they plan to simplify the client as much as possible and make everything they can “plugins” so that users can customize them with ease, using world generation as an example of something that would be a plugin. The server would either send the client files or tell it where to get them.To put it simply, the server would be able to send you new blocks, items and mods that are needed on the server.

It was also mentioned that they would like to make plugins compatible with every new update so that they don't have to be updated, which would be huge for modding. Localization was also discussed, and the conclusion was that localization should be left to the community and handled like texture packs, users create and exchange them. This makes things a lot easier for both Mojang and potential plugin developers.

More things were talked about, and the discussion lasted for hours, but some of the stuff they were talking about was gibberish to me as I am not a coder, but I think I got the important parts. If you'd like to read the discussion yourself, you can read the transcript, thanks to user EvilBatsu on the Forums, here:


The API is shaping up to be very awesome for the community, and bring a revolution to the modding community. Are you excited for it? Are there things they didn't discuss you would've liked to hear more about? Sound off in the comment section below.