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Aether II Update Preview - Biomes, new blocks, beta soon (UPDATED)

We've got a fresh batch info about one of your favorite mods - the Aether II. As we've mentioned before, the developers deliver development news on their Facebook page. Here's what's been going on for the past few months.
UPDATE: We've updated the article to include some new info released by the Aether team in the form of an infographic. Look for it below.
Probably the biggest piece of news you'll find is the addition of biomes to the Aether dimension. Thought not much is known about it right now, the following screenshot shows a glimpse into what it will look like:

You can also see the difference in our thumbnail image. Next up on the information highway we have the announcement of lanterns and dynamic lighting. Though there are mods that do dynamic light already out there, it will be nice to have in the same package as the Aether II mod.

There's also the addition of more decorative blocks, which will help you make your Aether base even better.

The Aether team has also announced that the upcoming version will be the last of the Alpha versions of Aether II, and the release following it will be the first official beta. They claim this is the most stable build they've ever had which is great news for anyone that had problems with the previous versions. They've also mentioned balance changes like nerfing some mobs like the Zephyr, as well as the change in this video showcasing the dart system:

If you're not familiar with the amazing Aether II mod, you can check out more here.

That's it for now, but there will be plenty more news to come about The Aether II mod, including the release of an updated version for both 1.6.4 and 1.7! We'll be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned for more info. As always, feel free to leave any feedback or discussion in the comment section below.