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The Twilight Forest Guide - The Dark Forest


Our Twilight Forest guide continues and we move on to the Dark Forest - a new major area filled with its' fair share of danger and loot…

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You're now halfway through the Twilight Forest progression system. You've killed a decent number of bosses and should be well equipped with great armor and weapons. It's time to face the next challenge. Let's take a look at the terrain, enemies and bosses of the Dark Forest.

Table of Contents

  • The Dark Forest
  • Mistwolf
  • King Spider
  • Twilight Knight Stronghold

  • Dark Tower

The Dark Forest is an area structured a lot like the Swamp - the main area is large, and the main boss lies in a small special biome in the middle of it. The main area here is the Dark Forest itself, which is covered in a canopy and shrouded in darkness. Though the Twilight Forest dimension is randomly generated, the Dark Forest has a tendency to spawn on the opposite side of a map from the Swamp, so it should be easier to find it if you orientate that way. Be sure to bring a bunch of torches - you'll need them, for the forest is dark and full of terrors.

On the surface of the Dark Forest, you'll meet two new enemies. The first is the Mistwolf, a dangerous giant version of the wolves you know, with more health and a stronger bite. Your secret weapon against these creatures is light. This is where your torches come in - plop them around when wandering the forest exactly because of these buggers. In dark, the Mistwolves are practically invisible, and their hits will blind you. In light, they can be spotted (though their dark fur has a tendency of melding into the distant darkness) more easily and can be dispatched quickly.

The second enemy that you'll meet on the surface of the Dark Forest is the King Spider. If you thought the Overworld spiders were big, wait till you see these big fellas! They're faster, tougher and more dangerous than regular spiders as it is, but to add insult to injury, they are also ridden by Skeletal Druids, who add another level of danger to this danger zone. Beware, this combo is a force to be reckoned with.

Your focus isn't on the surface, you need to be looking down to continue your journey. You need to find the Twilight Knight Stronghold, which is underground. There is only one entryway where the stronghold meets the surface - it is an area with tons of brick  - you'll know it instantly.

To enter, you'll need to place a Hydra trophy on a pedestal for the gates to open. Once inside, you will begin to fight your way through the stronghold. Despite not being a “maze” or a “labyrinth” like some of the previous dungeons you've faced, I'd certainly classify this in the same group - it's big, it's sprawling, and it's downright confusing. Here, use whatever your preferred tactic is for not getting lost in caves. As you explore the stronghold on your search for the miniboss(es), you'll encounter new enemies…

… the Block-and-Chain Goblin is one of them. This goblin has a block and chain for a head that he throws at the player, dealing devastating damage, and knocking back. It's best to fight this one with a bow to avoid taking unnecessary damage, since it doesn't have a whole lot of health anyway.

The other Goblin warrior you'll find in the depths of the Twilight Knight Stronghold is the Goblin Knight. This dangerous enemy is actually two enemies - though they fight as one, the top and the bottom are separate, allowing for more mobility and some unexpected attacks. Once the knight is down to under half health, the top part with the spear will die, and you'll have to finish off the bottom part.

A small danger present in these halls is also the Helmet Crab. This small mob is a crab in a knight helmet, which looks cute, but you shouldn't underestimate him. Like a lot of small and weak mobs, his strength is in numbers, so don't get overwhelmed.

After wandering through the stronghold, you'll eventually stumble upon the main room - a sort of tomb for the Knight Phantoms. There, you will have to fight the Knight Phantoms, who are the minibosses of the stronghold and necessary to kill in order to progress. I'm using plural here because this is actually a group of phantoms, each acting individually, making them quite dangerous.

Each one has plenty of health and will either equip its sword and charge at you, dealing tons of damage, or equip its hoe (I hear axes and pickaxes are also possible) and throw it in a star shape around the phantom, dealing a little damage with each one.

The fight is pretty straight forward, dodge their attacks and hit them with yours. There's no secret tactic - ranged or melee is fine. Just make sure you're well equipped and don't get cornered. Once you defeat all the phantoms, a chest with great armor will spawn in the middle of the room, and the achievement will unlock allowing you to head to the Dark Tower and face the Urghast.

The second part of your Dark Forest quest is the Dark Tower. It sits in the middle of the Dark Forest biome (you can find it on the map) and is quite tall and impressive. It is surrounded by dark red color of grass and trees, making it stand out from the rest of the forest. The entrance will be a few weird looking blocks that glow red. Just right click them and they will turn green and transparent, allowing you to pass. This is a mechanic used in most of the Dark Tower, so get used to it.

The Dark Tower is tall and full of danger. For most of the way, you'll have to traverse puzzles, the mechanics of which still are not clear to me, since sometimes you can just block up, and at other times, your blocks will break. Just alternate between interacting with the puzzle elements and blocking and you should get higher into the tower, where mobs dwell. But be careful when destroying the tower blocks, because…

… there's a special new kind of Silverfish in some of them called the “Towerwood Borer”. These buggers are stronger, faster, and hit harder than regular Silverfish, but they act the same. You'll find them in the darkly tinted wood you can see in the picture above. Be careful not to get swarmed. The Dark Tower also has two enemies that are alterations on the spider and iron golem mobs in the Overworld, but more hostile and danger. I did not meet these myself, but keep an eye out.

Once you do get to the higher areas of the Dark Tower, you'll head into more open areas where you'll meet the Carminite Ghast. These are Ghast that act exactly like their Nether counterparts, except they spawn through spawners in the Dark Tower. They'll fly around and shoot fireballs at you. You can shoot their fireballs back, or take them out with a bow.

Finally, once you get to the very top of the tower you will have to face the Ur-ghast - the final boss the Dark Tower and therefore the Dark Forest.

The Ur-ghast is a much larger Ghast with more tentacles and a few new dangerous tricks. The danger here is in the fire left by the Ur-ghast fireballs and the knockback that can kick you off the tower. It can also sometimes spawn Carminite Ghast that you'll have to look out for. The Ur-ghast will spit three fireballs at a time. Stay on your toes and dodge or kick them back, dealing damage with a ranged weapon. It might take a while, but you'll whittle it down.

Once on low health, the Ur-ghast will enter frenzy (aka. “tantrum mode”) and stop attacking, while starting to cry. The weather will turn to rain and the Ur-ghast will float around dropping dangerous tears over the tower which deal a lot of damage, as well as spawning more Carminite Ghast. The hard part is done, so just keep using your ranged weapon, killing off the smaller ghast and whittling the Ur-ghast down. Eventually, it will die in a magnificent explosion, causing a chest to spawn somewhere on the towertop battlefield. In it will be some loot and fiery tears, which you need to drop on the ground and pick up in order to trigger the achievement and be ready to move on.

New challenges await… it might get a bit chilly.

For now, that's it, but stay tuned for more Twilight Forest, as well as Minecraft mods in general. Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.3.3  for Minecraft 1.7.10.