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Minecraft Survival Challenges


If you're starting to get a little bored with all of the mods out there that seek to eliminate the more challenging aspects of the game - why not try a Minecraft survival mode challenge?

Here are a couple of awesome survival challenges that are sure to put a little of the excitement back into your world:

Post Nuclear War Challenge

From the author:

“This challenge is essentially a post-apocalyptic scenario. The goal is to create the ultimate bunker for surviving the apocalypse. I searched the forums, but did not find such a challenge listed, so I thought I'd try and post one. Suggestions are welcome!

I highly reccomend the Last Days Texturepack, if you don't mind the world looking less organic. Sorta fits the apocalypse theme.

Typical of most challenges, you have one day to gather materials. I highly reccomend getting a small supply of seeds and saplings, as securing resources after the first day becomes substantially more difficult. But more on that later. It is also a good idea to have several picks and shovels, because your shelter will probably start out underground. The outer (Anything exposed to direct sunlight) walls and roof of your shelter MUST be at least three blocks thick, to dissapate the hypothetical radiation. Now for the guidelines…

RULE 1 (VERY IMPORTANT): Due to the damaging effects of a nuclear blast, the sun is especially dangerous now. Unfortunately, survivor, this means you cannot, under any circumstances, head outside during the day. Stay sheltered, and survive. If you have to, you can scavenge after sunset, but it is advised that the survivor stay in his shelter when possible.

RULE 2: It is very dangerous to touch things outside of your shelter. The fallout can and will contaminate everything directly exposed to the weather, so any mobs that are outside are off limits, including their drops, and even at night. You cannot use or (especially) consume anything that comes from a contaminated source. The survival guide reccomends cave mushrooms as a nutritious and renewable source of food.

RULE 3: Getting fresh water is somewhat difficult in the radioactive world you are now in. Any outside sources are contaminated with fallout, and cannot be used for anything inside your shelter. To get safe water, it is advised that the survivor search caves or find hidden underground lakes. Both are reasonably common, but can be challenging to obtain at first. One of your first priorities will be creating a source of clean water, so be on the lookout.

RULE 4: Your shelter: There are several guidelines to creating a safe environment in this wasteland. In addition to the thick outer walls, other precautions must be put in place. Any entrances from outside must be separated from the rest of the compound by an airlock (a small room with a door on each end). The airlock must contain a running source of clean water to clean any items that went outside with you and deposit them safely in a different room inside the compound. (That is only for bringing items in, however. Any airlock is fine without the water, your items just have to be left outside). This must be done before any outside materials can be brought into your shelter (Outdoor mobs and their drops are still off limits). Any armor that has been outside must be left in a chest inside the airlock.

Other essential rooms include a tree farm, food source (Mushrooms reccomended for their low mainatinence and high payoff), and your bedroom. For security reasons, All rooms should have doors at all entrances and exits, and large rooms (Aside from the farms) are discouraged.

Cobblestone is useful as padding for the outer walls, but is too porous to use as the exterior layer. Any exposed expansions on your shelter must be coated in smooth stone in order to be habitable.

-Extra Notes: Windows are allowed, but must be at least as thick as the wall they are on.

Variations of the rules allow fully armored survivors to safely go outside in sunlight, but the armor cannot come back into the compound. It must be left in the airlock.

(Optional) RULE 6: For the hardcore among you, the post-nuclear world is quite chilling. In order to keep the shelter safe and cozy, you must burn a unit of coal for every room in the compound, every day. Airlocks are excluded from the count. If you can get your hands on some netherrack, you just need to build a fireplace/heating room, to allow for bigger bases after you reach the nether. This would replace the coal consumption.

Thanks for reading! Please don't hate, but suggestions/improvements on the challenge are welcome. I'm sure there's a lot more creative people out there.”

Download this mod here

The Underwater Challenge

The Main Challenge: The main point of this challenge is to survive with nothing else but what you brought with you, and what you find in your home. Once you find yourself underwater, and in an air pocket (Man made or natural) the challenge truly begins. But beforehand, You have one day to gather all the resources you need, and keep in mind, that after this day you are not allowed to rise to the surface again to gather more materials. Keep in mind that you CAN leave your air pocket, so long as you dont rise up for air!

Game “Modes” Game modes are simply different ways to play this challenge. Keep in mind, if you dont want to play in the ways that I explain, you dont have to! Its your Minecraft game!

1) Creative Mode: Much like Minecrafts Creative mode, in this mode you play on Peaceful with nothing in mind but build a good looking base underwater.
2) Survival Mode: This mode is played on NORMAL! I know some people are afraid of dying, so they play on easy, but living underwater is a lot different then living on land. Mobs dont spawn everywhere, they spawn only in caves, or unlit areas that you made.
3) Hardcore Mode: This mode is played on HARD! If you die even just one single time, the challenge is lost, and you must start over again.

Optional Challenges: These challenges are made to be optional, fun challenges that you can aim to complete.

1) Create a functioning wheat farm.
2) Create a proper forest.
3) Reach diamond.
4) Create an enemy mob farm.
5) Create a friendly mob farm.
6) Create a Waterfall.
7) Enclose your base in a glass dome.
8) Tame a wolf.
9) Create a portal to the Nether.
10) Create an indoor underwater pool.
11) Reach Bedrock.
12) Be successful by succeeding at successfully growing a single tree. Success!
13) Post a picture of your base here!
14) Catch a fish from underwater!
15) Have fun.
16) Dont Die.

1. Start this challenge in a new world
2. You are allowed to use tools that you made before going underwater.
3. You are not allowed to build above water, but you can build to the surface.
4. The Nether is allowed, aslong as the actual portal is underwater.
Note: I cannot make anyone follow these rules, so if you do not agree with any of them, you dont have to follow them.