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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2012 - Vote on the best mods of this year!

Welcome to the second annual Diamond Pickaxe Awards! We take a look at the best mods of the year and the exact areas they excel in. Best mobs, mechanics, features and more will be decided. Vote in various categories and even help decide the Mod of the Year! Last year The Aether mod took home the big prize, and it's nominated again this year. Can it defend its crown or will a new challenger take over? It's not really up to me now is it? After all I am one man. That's all up to YOU guys. Help us decide the Mod of the Year and more, now…

Let's get the big one of the way - Mod of the Year! This is the truly best mod that has been active during the past year, it is the shining beacon of Minecraft modding. But which one is it? You decide via this video I cooked up. There's a fancy intro to keep things formal, but I kept it short so you can get right to the vote. Just click the mod you like best and it will lead you to a video thanking you for your vote and registering your view as a vote. It takes but a few seconds.

Your nominees for Mod of the Year are:

Vote here:

Now that the biggest vote is out the way, it's time to focus on the details. First up is the category for Best Mob added by a mod! The nominees are:

  • Slenderman - Slender Reimagined
  • Firefly - AtmosMobs
  • Golem - Mo' Creatures
  • Gyarados - Pixelmon
  • Horse - Mo' Creatures
  • Werewolf - Mo' Creatures
Click here to vote on the Best Mob added by a mod!
Next up is a category which we've covered in detail not so long ago - Best Village Mod! Take your pick from these:
Click here to vote on the Best Village Mod!

Here's another one for you, and it's a tricky one - Best Game Mechanic added by a Mod! Take your pick:

  • Weather - The Weather Mod
  • Villager Reputation - Millenaire
  • Clay  Wars - Clay Soldiers Mod
  • Monster Battles - Pixelmon
  • Invasion - Invasion Mod
Click here to vote on the Best Game Mechanic added by a Mod!
This category is a look into the future - Most Anticipated Mod of Next Year! The nominees are:
Click here to vote on the Most Anticipated Mod of Next Year!

And there you have it folks: our 5 categories, open for you to vote on with all of their 4-6 nominee glory. Vote for your favorite mods. The polls will be open until Christmas Eve, the 24th of December at Noon GMT. The results of the vote will be published on the 30th of December, so stay tuned to see who won.

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