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Exclusive: Interview with Jeb!


With the recent news of Jens Bergensten, better known as Jeb, taking over Minecraft development after a year of co-developing with Notch, a lot of questions have been sent his way. I sent some of the most asked questions - like what is he working on, how does it feel to take over and others -  to Jeb in interview form, and was lucky enough to receive an answer! Here is a short interview with Jeb.

MFM: What are your feelings on taking over the development? You've developed a lot of fan-adored features already, but how does it feel completely be “in charge”?

Jeb: Oh, me and Notch have been working closely the last year so it doesn't feel very much different. I'll just continue to work as I've always been =)

MFM: You said in another interview you were going to work on the Mod API. I know it's early to ask for specific details, but a lot of people are wondering do you plan on doing this through a web interface, or directly from Minecraft or the launcher?

Jeb: My plan is that you are going to find and install mods from ingame in the main menu.

MFM: How do you plan to handle it for the modders? Does the old plan of making the latest source code always available still apply?

Jeb: No, we will only release an api that you build your mods upon.

MFM: Are you going to work on the Mod API exclusively, or alongside developing new features for the coming updates?

Jeb: I'll still add some new features, too. Currently I'm looking for a mod api team that can help me out with the modding stuff.

MFM: You're also working on Cobalt, do you think taking over Minecraft might take time from developing Cobalt, or vice-versa?

Jeb: Yeah I work fulltime on Minecraft, so I have to work on Cobalt during weekends and evenings. Most of Cobalt's development is done by Daniel 'thewreck' Brynolf and Pontus 'Kinten' Hammarberg, though, so I think we will be fine. I just have to help out a little this weekend to prepare for the alpha launch!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Even though Jeb is ditching the old “early source code access for modders” plan, he's replacing it with an actual API, which is much better for old modders and people looking to learn modding as well. He's also looking for a team to assist him, which is probably going to include the amazing folks behind Bukkit, and also means that development will go much easier, since Jeb doesn't have to do all the work himself, and has better insight on how the modding community works.

It looks like the Minecraft modding community has a very bright future when the Mod API launcher sometime next year (Jeb said not earlier than March).
Stay tuned for more content all about mods for Minecraft and Minecraft itself, and sound off in the comments: How excited are you for the modding API, if you are, and why?