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The Seasons Mod

Ever since the inclusion of weather, Minecrafters have been asking that seasons be added. Some time ago, modder Nandonalt rose to the challenge and delivered the amazing Seasons mod, however after he exited the modding scene, there was nobody left to update it. Fear not, because modder Trak and tester RAWRMaD have us all covered. They updated the mod for 1.1. Let's take a look at all the cool features, season by season.


Summer is the most “normal” of all the seasons. While there isn't any snow and the leaves don't change colors, the desert biomes become significantly more dangerous. Since it's much warmer everywhere, deserts become unbearable and you take periodical damage when you are in the desert sun. Don't worry, once you get in the shade you will be fine, but it's dangerous nonetheless. In addition to the deserts becoming deadly, all rains become thunderstorms that destroy grass, which serves as a simple way to remove all that grass from the Spring. Wheat also grows 50% quicker and nights are shorter while days are longer.


People love Autumn colors, which is why there are so many Autumn colored texture packs around, but this mod takes it to another level with it's leaf color change. The thing that changes is the color gradient of leaves and grass (so it's effectively compatible with any texture pack) and some flower textures which creates an amazing Autumn atmosphere. There are also more wheat drops, which combined with Summer's fast growing wheat makes for VERY effective farming.


The Winter season will change your world the most.  It will snow everywhere all the time except for in desert biomes. Your lakes will freeze, your lawns will be covered in snow, and you will love it. It isn't all that nice though: since it's much colder, you can freeze and take damage if you aren't wearing leather armor. Nights are also longer and days shorter, contrary to Summer. I think it would be great if there could be a steamy breathing particle effect were to show when you're outside in the winter, but I guess that's expecting more from an already complicated mod.


And lastly we have the Spring, the season for nature lovers. Snow and ice from Winter melt slowly, and grass, trees and flowers start growing all around (mow your lawn often), and therefore animals spawn more. The spring has great atmosphere as well, and the green color is very refreshing after the brown Autumn and white Winter.

Additionally the mod also adds two items, a Season Watch and a Thermometer which on right click shows information about the season and temperature respectively. Seasons are 7 Minecraft days long and the transition between them is covered up by a picture that pops up and tells you the season. The mod doesn't require any additional mods (like ModLoader or AudioMod). You can download it here:


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