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Minecraft 1.7: The Update that Changed the World coming tomorrow!


Get ready for another big one! Mojang has released the detailed changelog for the upcoming 1.7 update, along with a prerelease and the exact release time. Find out more, right here…

Dubbed “The Update that Changed the World” due to the world generation changes as well as some behind the scenes code work on the modding API. Jeb has said it will release at around 15:00 CEST, which would mean early in the morning in America and late at night in Australia.

Mojang has already released a prerelease of the update and fixed some bugs in a “1.7.1” prerelease. This means the version released will be 1.7.1 too, maybe even a further bugfixed 1.7.2.The new update features some amazing world generation changes which we previously discussed. It also features improved fishing, multiplayer features, new blocks and items as well as some background work for the plugin API, which is amazing news for the modding community! Here's the rundown of all the features, courtesy of Mojang:

  • New world generation!

    • Double the amount of biomes, with new trees/flowers/blocks.
    • New “Amplified” world option.
    • Less ocean, more awesome.
  • New blocks!

    • Two new types of wood.
    • Stained glass! With both blocks and panes.
    • Packed ice, red sand, podzol.
    • Lots of new flowers, including double-tall versions of current plants.
    • Portals can be bigger sizes!
  • Fishing!

    • Added more type of fish.
    • Redone the fishing mechanics. Can now catch junk and treasure too.
    • Fishing rod enchantments!
  • Maps!

    • Put them in an item frame and hang them on your wall. They're extra big!
    • Lots of new colours for lots of blocks!
    • Now with less lag!
  • Achievement & Statistics overhaul!

    • Now both world (or server) specific.
    • In multiplayer, it's announced to everybody when you get an achievement.
      • You can move your mouse over this in the chat to see what it was!
    • Some new achievements and statistic types were added.
    • Zoomable achievements screen!
  • Multiplayer enhancements!

    • Servers can now put a 64×64 image called “server-icon.png” in their folder, that you will see on your server list.
    •  You can see who's online before joining a server; move your mouse over the player count!
    • Lots of hidden preparation for allowing name changes.
  • Resource pack changes!

    • You can now have multiple selected.
    • They can completely re-do your sounds, adding new ones or changing current ones.
    • Servers can now recommend a resource pack for you to use.
  • Chat & command improvements!

    • New commands to spawn mobs or blocks of any type.
    • Command block minecart!
    • Clickable links to achievements and items.
    • Click on somebody's name in the chat to message them!
  • Lots and lots of technical work!

    • Completely rewrote how the network (multiplayer) works.
    • Completely rewrote the sound manager.
    • New graphics options.
    • Basic shader support testing.
    • Many bugs fixed.

If you really can't wait for the full release, you can get the prerelease from Minecraft's launcher (just enable experimental versions and scroll up to the top).

There you have it, folks: The 1.7 update, the update that changed the world. Excited for the release? Feel free to discuss it in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more Minecraft news.