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Minecon 2015 - Minecraft 1.9 combat update feature blowout

A final bit of Minecon goodness was given to us by Mojang as they showcased the Minecraft 1.9 combat update with additions to the End, a new mob, the new offhand slot, and some new arrow types. Let's take a look…

Combat Update - End changes

Starting off, they showed off some changes to the End, the final frontier of every vanilla adventure. The once barren wasteland dotted with a few towers and the uninteresting Ender Dragon boss is now almost completely revamped. It features many islands with portals connecting them, it features a new type of dungeon that contains danger and excitement, and a bunch of new features that were shown only in passing, and we'll get more details once a snapshot is out,  which should be soon.

Combat Update - new mob

Aside from all the terrain changes, the Minecraft 1.9 combat update will also add a new mob to the End - the Shulker (aka Shulka aka. Shell Lurker), a mob that hides in a purple block shell and opens up to fire a projectile that travels across an XYZ grid, making only 90 degree turns to reach their target. We don't know much yet, but a new mob is always exciting so let's hope we learn more soon.

Combat update - offhand slot

Moving on from the End over to general combat changes for the combat update, a feature previously only teased has now been showcase further - dual wielding. The new off-hand equip slot features to the side of the regular hotbar and can be switched in the options according to your desired dominant hand. They showed carrying a torch in it, and naturally, a customizable shield.

Combat update - new arrow type

Finally, the last big change showcased were the three new arrow types - invisibility, spectral, and poison. Invisibility arrows make any entity you hit invisible. Spectral arrows “mark” the target you hit so you can see their outline through walls (like detective mode in the Batman games), and poison arrows, well, poison the poor chap.

Those are all the major changes, but once we get our hands on the first snapshot of the combat update, which Mojang said was coming very soon, we can analyze all the tiny details we might have missed. Unfortunately, there is no VoD of the Minecon stream, so if you'd like to get a recap of it, a gallery of photos (which is also the source for our screenshots) will have to suffice.

We'll make sure to keep you posted on any other combat update news, as well as any other cool Minecraft stuff, so stay tuned.

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