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Upcoming: SocialMiner and Dragon Mounts

While we usually post about mods that are already done and out of the WIP Mods section on the forums, I thought it would be fun to try putting the spotlight on some awesome mods that aren't quite ready for full release yet, but are still awesome and deserve attention. After all, this is how Minecraft itself got popular. Let's begin with SocialMiner.

There have been topics on the Minecraft forums in the past requesting various social features like friends lists, profiles and cross-server chat, to be implemented into Minecraft. While this idea is awesome (and would not only help Minecraft players stay connected but provide Mojang with constant ad income), it has not been picked up by Mojang yet. However, an aspiring modder medsouz took thing task up with his mod SocialMiner.

SocialMiner is set to add the already above mentioned features to Minecraft (friends lists, profiles and cross-server chat) as well as “a bunch of other ideas”. Unfortunately, this project is not working now since the servers are too weak to handle the amount of traffic, and this is the screen most players get when trying to log on:

However, medsouz mentioned that the mod is being worked on and will once work properly for everyone. Keep an eye out for this one. If you'd like to download it and try it yourself, or read more about it, head to the official topic of the mod:


Next up we have Dragon Mounts, currently in it's 0.6 version it is still one of the most impressive and well done mods out there. It makes the Dragon egg item/block you obtain when defeating the Enderdragon and beating the game usable - it makes it hatch when you right click it with a saddle, and what hatches is a full grown, mountable and rideable Enderdragon.

If you're wondering if it's as awesome as it sounds, it gets even better. It can breathe fire. On top of all that amazing stuff, the creator, BarracudaATA, has also reworked some animation for the dragon (tail waggling and flying ones) and is working on more stuff as he nears the full release of the mod. And yes, this one is downloadable too, you can get it here:


That's it for now, do you like hearing about upcoming mods? Would you like more? Or would you rather read just about finished mods and Minecraft news? Sound off in the comments section below!