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Upcoming: Valkyrian Warfare

Usually, I wouldn't be showing you a mod that's deep into development and doesn't have any real content to show. However, modder thebest108_ has shown off a “collision test” of his upcoming airship battle focused mod Valkyrian Warfare, and it's just too damn impressive for me not to share. Let's take a look…

Take a look at the amazing video yourself:

Yes, that's a fully working system for making independent creations that have physical interaction and collisions. It seems to support distribution of weight and the collisions seem to work perfectly with the static world of Minecraft. I've personally seen only one thing that even comes close to this level of collision, and that was ItemPhysic which only supports dropped items, making it a mostly aesthetical mod.

Valkyrian Warfare is supposed to be a mod focused on airborne warfare - basically airship battles. This physics system opens up a world possibilities for exciting combat. Imagine giant airship battles with each airship having proper collision and crashing into each other or the ground, and you'll understand the potential this mod could have. Right now it's just ship vs world collision, but ship vs ship collision is in the works, and so is collision damage and interaction with bodies of water.

It seems to be well on its way, since the creator says he has been working on it for 6 months already, and the current system is not only impressive but also highly compatible - the creator claims it works in multiplayer already and should work with virtually any custom mod added blocks. It's also already running on 1.8 so the obstacle of porting from 1.7.10 to 1.8 that stopped many mods has already been bypassed.

It's a very exciting project that I wanted to share with you guys, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it in the future.

Stay tuned for more Valkyrian Warfare, as well as our usual mod reviews and other cool stuff! Like always, feel free to discuss the snapshot and voice any feedback you might have in the comment section below.