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Another Sneak Peek at The Aether 1.4.5 - Accesories

Kingbogdz, leader of The Aether team, has released a new video on their Facebook page showcasing the latest update to the Aether mod slated to come out soon for 1.4.5 (and hopefully, other 1.4.x releases). They've already shown us the mount system in a video and there have been plenty of news and updates already, but now we get to see the accessories in action for 1.4.5.  The mod is far from done, but there's already so much content in it that it takes 30 minutes to showcase just a part of the huge mod we all know and love.

Here's the video:

There's plenty of new info in it so be sure to watch it if you just can't wait for the mod to come out. A lot of people are anticipating this update, so the Aether team have put together a list of stuff they plan on adding/fixing with the mod. Not all of it will make the first release, but it's a nice way to keep track and estimate how far off the mod is. Even though the list looks busy, they have stated that the mod will soon be upon us, so it shouldn't be too far off.

Click here to take a look at the To-Do list for The Aether mod.

If you'd like to see the previous video featuring the mount system, click here. That's about all the information that has been released for now, but we'll keep you posted on any developments and updates that are released by the Aether team, as well as the eventual release of the mod.

Are you still excited for this mod despite the long wait? As always, sound off in the comment section below.