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AtmosMobs - A creature mod with a twist

Creature mods are a big part of Minecraft's modding scene. Mods like Mo' Creatures add all kinds of new mobs to the game that improve the experience and add to the overall feeling of nature in the game. AtmosMobs is a mod currently in development by modder Daveyx0 and in Alpha state that expands upon the atmosphere of Minecraft by adding more mobs that just make the world feel more alive. As of the time of writing this article, the mod adds 16 new mobs, but since it's still in Alpha, it will be expanded to include even more cool mods. Let's take a look at all of them.

I spawned in a desert and the first creature to stumble upon was a lizard. Lizards attack other creatures (mostly bugs), drop bones when killed, can breed and follow the player if he is holding a spider eye. Their tails waggle as they move and they make silverfish sounds.  I also came across some crabs when I got to the beach, but only saw their backsides since they run away from the player. They can also breed and drop delicious crab claws when killed. I almost missed the Chameleons. They are good at what they do - they blend in with the environment very nicely. They tend to lay chameleon eggs which you can use like chicken eggs to throw and spawn a chameleon that is tamed, doesn't despawn and can blend with more kinds of blocks.

The mod adds a variety of water creatures. Giant whales roam the ocean, following other creatures and diving then resurfacing randomly. Regular fish can be found in any pocket of water, just hanging out without any real purpose. The blowfish make them company, but are much more shy. They bloat when approached by the player and stop moving. Watch out, because when they are bloated they can sting you with their needles. Piranhas are the only real danger of the waters. They bite anyone and anything to enter their territory, and they don't let up, but if you look at the bright side, they do have a cool animation for when they try to bite you to death.

Mobs from the mod, in order: Chameleon, Fish, Blowfish, Seal, Squirrel, Whale, Bat and Fireflies.

When you install this mod, your world will also be populated with several new flying mobs. Moths will spawn in dark places and fly around looking for a light source, which they will then fly around. Butterflies spawn during the day in most green biomes, and just fly around and are attracted to flowers the same way moths are to light sources. Dragonflies inhabit swamps and, like a lot of mobs in this mod, just hang around and add to the atmosphere. Fireflies spawn in the night and are probably the best addition of the mod. They are slightly glowing and look really awesome. Bats will spawn in caves and hang from ceilings, but will start frantically flying around when light is near, like when you place a torch in a dark cave.

AtmosMobs also adds some cool biome specific mobs. Mouses spawn in fields and scour the grass, but they run away from cats. Frogs hop around swamps and rainforests and hang out on lily pads. You can tame them with a slime ball then carry them around on your head. Squirrels climb trees and jump around in forests. Seals spawn in cold biomes and try to crawl around on the ground or swim in the water. They can be tamed using a dead blowfish, and then ridden and controlled at will. They won't despawn when tamed.

Mobs from the mod, in order: Mouse, Piranha, Crab, Lizard, Dragonfly, Frogs, Butterfly and Moth.

There are new items to go along with the mods, mostly consisted of meat dropped when the mobs are killed or items/eggs to spawn tamed versions of the mobs. Despite several annoying bugs, it's really cool and adds a ton to Minecraft's atmosphere. Like I said, the fireflies are an absolute favorite of mine, and this mod definitely deserves more attention and downloads than it has. Download it and read more here:


Do you like the mod? Are there any mobs you wish were added to it? Leave all your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.