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3 NPC Mods For Minecraft

NPC or Non-Playable Character mods are those mods that add other people that you can interactive with inside of your world. Sometimes they come in the form of a new mob or they might be “citizens” that you can build and grow villages with.

Whatever the type of NPC you choose, one thing is for sure and that's that they significantly enhance your Minecraft experience by giving you something to work towards. So here are 3 NPC mods for Minecraft that do an excellent job of breaking up the everydayness of Minecraft's singeplayer.

3 NPC Minecraft Mods:

Minecraft Builders

Minecraft Builders is at the top of the list because it  really does the most in terms of changing the Minecraft experience and really giving you the feeling that there are autonomous NPCs out there in the world with their own business to attend to.

You can read more about this mod by clicking the link above, but suffice to say, Minecraft Builders adds new mods to the game that autonomously build structures, including houses, trading shops and town walls. This mod is compatible with Humans +



Mine Colony is a Minecraft mod that adds four different NPCs. There is a farmer who will grow wheat, a miner who will mine, a lumberjack for all your wood chopping needs and a delivery man who goes between the previously mentioned mobs, picks up the fruits of their labors and delivers them back to a warehouse.

This is an awesome mod if you want to automate things like wood collection and wheat farming, or even if you simply enjoy the pleasure of watching other people work. In this mod you can spawn the above NPCs by creating special chests. When you place their chest they pop out of it like a genie and get to work.

There are also two scepters which can be crafted. Wave a golden scepter at a NPC chest and a hut will magically appear. Wave an iron scepter and a fence will pop up around their work space (usually 20 blocks in every direction.)

Humans +


Humans + adds a bunch of human NPC's to the game. It's pretty hilarious as not all of them get along so it's not uncommon to see battles taking place in front of you. There are also pirates who will steal your boat and row out into the middle of large lakes, so that's nice.