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The Aether II Guide - Mobs


As you continue your adventure in the Aether II, you will encounter new animals, friendly and hostile, big and small. In this part of your Aether II Guide we take a look at all the new mobs the mod adds and how to fight them. Read on for the almanac…

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Here's a list of all the mobs covered in this guide (click on the name to view the mob):


So, let us begin with the Aerwhales. The Aerwhale is a passive mob that mostly exists for ambiance. It's basically a giant flying whale. It doesn't attack and mostly flies above everything else. They shouldn't bother you at all.


The Aerbunnies are peaceful creatures that hop around the Aether. They look like regular bunnies, but they can puff up and fly up a bit. They're no danger to you, but they can be useful - right clicking an aerbunny will result in it being put onto your head, allowing you to float down. This is useful for crossing gaps and moving from island to island.


Phygs are passive creatures that spawn on ground in the Aether. They aren't very common. A Phyg is basically a pig like the regular one in the overworld, except this one has wings. A Phyg can be saddled and ridden, allowing you to jump and float down while riding it. This is another way of traversing gaps, which are very common in The Aether.


A cockatrice shares it's physique with a Moa, however it is a bit more dangerous. A cockatrice can be recognized by it's purple feathers. They will attack on sight and shoot poisonous darts at you. These darts will not only poison you for damage over time, but can also give you Nausea, an effect that will make your screen wave around and distort, making it very hard to fight back. They drop feathers.


A Moa is a peaceful version of a Cockatrice. It will not attack you even if you hit it. Moas are very common in the Aether. You can obtain a Moa egg, which when hatched using an incubator will give you a tamed Moa that you can fly. There are different types of Moa that differ in color and the number of jumps they can do before having to land.

Aechor Plant

Aechor Plants are hostile mobs that spawn on the ground, and stay there since they cannot move. They look like big blue flowers and their petals wave around. They will shoot poisonous darts, just like Cockatrices, that cause you damage over time and give you Nausea. They drop aechor petals which can later be used in crafting.

Carrion Sprout

These plant mobs spawn on islands in the Aether and are peaceful creatures. They will not attack you or retaliate. They drop rainbow strawberries when killed, which are a decent source of food while you explore.


Swets are Aether's version of slimes. They look exactly like slimes except Swets are not green, but rather yellow or blue. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are hostile with a special kind of attack - they will jump onto you, trapping you in their jelly and then raising you up into the air, only to drop you later for dangerous amounts of fall damage. Don't let them get close!


Sheepuff are peaceful Aether sheep and spawn on the ground. They look exactly like regular sheep except for the stripes on their sides. They come in different colors, but mostly spawn white. They can be sheared like regular sheep, but will drop more wool.


Tempests are hostile creatures that look a lot like Zephyrs except for their distinctive black skin. They look like clouds with eyes and a tail. They mostly spawn at night and will attack you on sight, shooting projectiles at you that, when they hit something, summon a blue bolt of lightning that deals damage and sets the area on fire that isn't red like regular fire but is rather bright blue.


These hostile creatures look like small clouds with eyes and a tail. They will attack you on sight, spitting projectiles at you that push you away a random amount, sometimes resulting in fall damage, but more importantly risking a fall off the island. They are quite common and easy to kill, but beware those cliffs while fighting them!


This peaceful creature looks like a blue kangaroo. It is quite common and spawns on the ground, then hops around passively not paying attention to other mobs. It is of no concern to the player.

And there you have it folks, a quick look at all the mobs you will find when you install The Aether II mod. Keep in mind this is just a small showcase rather than a complete source of information, so there's still a lot to discover about these creatures when you play the mod. This part of the guide also does not cover mobs that spawn in dungeons, since these will be covered along with their dungeon homes.

If you haven't gotten it already, the mod can be downloaded here:

Click here to download The Aether II Alpha mod!

Installation instructions:

  1. Force update Minecraft so you get a nice clean .jar file to mod.
  3. Use the downgrade tool to downgrade to 1.5.1. and launch Minecraft to check if it worked.
  4. Now, Install the Forge API, Player API and Player Render API, in that order.
  5. Run Minecraft at least once.
  6. Click here to download The Aether II Alpha mod!
  7. Put the downloaded .zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  8. Play!

As always, feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below, for example - tell us what your favorite Aether creature is.