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Mo' Creatures Horse Breeding Guide

Mo' Creatures is a very big, complicated mod. It adds tons of new animals into the game, most of which contain features a lot of people don't understand. We already gave you a quick guide via our Ultimate Mo' Creatures Guide, but we're taking it a step further by explaining one of the probably most complicated systems of the mod - horse breeding. Since the next Minecraft update will feature horses that are based on this mod, this is a hot topic right now. So, if you want to learn how to breed your perfect horse to impress your friends with, read on.

Ok, so let's take it from the beginning. The basic horse types spawn in the wild. This is how you get your start. You tame a horse by feeding it an apple and then naming, saddling and riding it. You can grow a horse from baby to full-grown by feeding it bread or wheat. To breed, follow these 4 simple rules, courtesy of the DrZhark wiki:

1. The Horses cannot be more than 4 blocks away from each other.

2. There cannot be another Horse within 8 blocks of your breeding Horses.

3. You must feed both Horses Pumpkins or Mushroom Soup to begin the breeding process (love hearts will appear around your Horses, similar to how Vanilla Mobs breed).

4. You must leave them for around half a Minecraft day.

These basic horses are simple and don't really differ much among each other except for their textures. There are 4 tiers of normal horses. If you just want to breed a regular horse with a specific texture, reference this chart, but keep in mind breeding is very random and while you will most likely get the desired breed, it might not. Just keep trying and you'll get it in a few tries.

If you however are not satisfied with the puny normal horse breeds you need to breed a Zorse to be able to breed a more powerful breed. That is, unless you want a skeletal horse in which case just feed an essence of undead to a normal horse and wait for it to decay from zombie to skeleton state.

Now, back to Zorses. Zorses are the basis of  the very powerful special horses. As you might imagine, a Zorse is a mix between a horse and a zebra. Sound easy? It's not. You see, a zebra is very rare (extremely so in my experience) and you can only tame it from a tier 4 horseback. This will take a while, but once you have a tamed zebra you can breed it with a horse to create the Zorse.

From this point on, we branch out a little. There are lots of special horses, all of which are faster than regular ones. While there is a clear winner considering stats, sometimes it's not all about the stats and looks matter too. The first special horse and my personal favorite is Nightmare. This is a dark fire horse. If you whip it, it leaves a trail of fire. It looks very, very cool. You get it by feeding a Zorse an essence of fire. Nightmares spawn naturally in the Nether, but are hostile and cannot be tamed there. Feeding a Nightmare an essence of light will get you an Unicorn which , needless to say, has a horn, sparkles, and goes really fast.

Next up is the Bathorse. This one is also a hostile mob, it spawns during night and in caves. It can fly and is completely dark. Hostile ones cannot be tamed, but feeding an essence of darkness to a Zorse will get a friendly one for you. Feeding it an essence of light above cloud level (height y150) will create a Pegasus, an even faster flying white horse with the ability to carry an inventory (like Donkeys). Feeding a Pegasus an essence of darkness above cloud level will result in a Black Pegasus which is immune to fire.

Now for the rarest of all horses, a magnificent triumph of breeding glory - the Fairy Horse! This one is created when a Pegasus and a Unicorn mate, so there's a long way to go on the breeding path to get to it. The unicorn is even consumed during the breeding (no, I don't understand why either). It cannot be grown with food, so you must wait for it to grow up. It is the fastest runner and flier in the mod. You can even color it with all kinds of dye to make it  even more special.

If you're not satisfied with living horses, you might be interested in the ghost horse types. While these fellows cannot really be bred they are closely tied to breeding. To get a Ghost Horse you need to kill a special horse, and there is a chance (1/10 according to the DrZhark wiki) that a ghost horse will be created. If that special horse was a Pegasus, you will get a Ghost Pegasus which can also fly. Ghost horse types float above ground and are as fast as the horse they came from.

And… that's about it! If you don't already have Mo' Creatures and want to get it, you can download it here:

Download the Mo' Creatures mod now!

Be sure to leave any feedback in the comment section below, and while you're down there, feel free to tell us your favorite horse breed.