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The Aether II Sneak Peak!

Ever since a sequel to The Aether mod was announced in early March, people have been talking about what this new mod could contain. Mobs, features and items were suggested left and right, but the Aether team kept mostly quiet, releasing only minor details and hiring more concept artists. Since then, they have released several pictures and details about the mod, which I will talk about more in this article.

The first thing the team posted was a short back-story for the new mod. It talks about the creation of both the Aether and the Nether, hinting at the mod also altering the Nether (for real this time around). It is as follows:

Long before the existence of the three main lands (the Overworld, the Aether, and the Nether), the universe consisted of one unified realm called the Nexus. The natures of its origins have never been truly understood, but what's known is that it was composed of two areas; the upper mountainous zones, and the lower cavernous zones. Within each of these respective zones two civilizations lived and thrived, and although they were of the same race, their ideals and values did not exactly match. Conflicts occurred, and before long a war between the two civilizations began.

However, before the budding war escalated into significant damage, a cataclysm ravaged the lands that resulted in the separation of the two zones, and there emerged a mysterious new realm that acted as a chasm of sorts. In all of the years since that fateful event, the two civilizations and their zones evolved based on their location. The upper mountainous realm became a land of the skies, both frozen and enchanted, and in time attained the name, the Aether. Along with this, the lower cavernous realm became a land of dread, both fiery and dark, and its name was recognized as the Nether.

Although the creatures of these two realms evolved with their environments, the longing for conflict continued to pulse through their veins. Yet despite various efforts, the opposing civilizations found no viable ways to bridge the gap between their two realms - direct portals between the Aether and Nether were just physically impossible. This was because a self-defence mechanism had been developed over time in order to prevent possible invasions. The emergent realm that divides the Aether and Nether was an extremely potent barrier, preventing the free travel of creatures from one realm to another. That barrier later became known as the Overworld.

Many years have since passed, and a new realm is emerging. The promise of bloodshed dawns in the horizon, and as the light dawns, it reveals a glimpse of a disturbing and war-ravaged future, that is set to rock the very foundations of their worlds…

The first concept art they posted was for a new mob that looks like a giant otter colored and designed to fit the Aether style. They also posted concept art for what looks like an Aether owl. These mobs look really cool - they are possibly some of the most unique designs ever for a mod.

After that batch, we were greeted by details for a new mob called The Blastbunny. It's a big version of the flying bunnies we saw in the original Aether, and it looks like it will be the leader of a group of bunnies. Concept art for the Nether Warrior and the Aether Warrior were also shown, once again hinting that the balance between the Nether and Aether will be really important in the mod. Perhaps we will see a reputation system which makes our reputation with The Aether rise when we kill Nether mobs and vice versa, unlocking unique items and powers? The team has been talking about a very important feature they're not talking about just yet.

What's also very exciting is that Sphax, the genius behind the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack is working on the textures. This may not mean that much at first glance, but Sphax is an amazing artist and having him on the team will surely drastically improve the aesthetic of the mod. All in all, The Aether II is shaping up to be one of the greatest and most ambitious Minecraft mods ever, and while we can only speculate on what it will look like for the most part, and the release date hasn't been discussed yet, small details are being shown and it looks very promising. What mob or feature would you like to see added to the mod? Sound off in the comment section below.