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The Diamond Pickaxe Awards 2012 - Winners

Your votes have been tallied and the results are in. Find out which mods took away the Diamond Pickaxe Award in the 5 categories in which you voted:

  • Mod of the Year
  • Best Mob Added by a Mod
  • Best Village Mod
  • Best Game Mechanic Added by a Mod
  • Most Anticipated Mod of Next Year

Take a look at the winners…

First off, the big prize, Mod of the Year. The most votes were cast in this category and it is the only one which had a dedicated Youtube video for voting. It was only fitting we announce the winner via another video so here it is:

Yes, The Aether mod wins again, and by a lot of votes I might add. It really is a fan favorite. I can't say I'm surprised to hear it won since you guys love every bit of news that comes out about that mod, and it won by a landslide last year.

Moving onto the next category, Best Mob Added by a Mod. This is category in which the majority of the nominees were from Mo' Creatures, the biggest, most famous mob mod of them all. The result therefore comes as no surprise.

Yes, the Werewolf from Mo' Creatures won this category, but it defeat the Slenderman by just ONE VOTE. Truly amazing. I reckon the recent redesign of this mob had something to do with it - DrZhark made it way scarier and dangerous than before.

Next up is the Best Village Mod category. This one was special because the week before the awards we covered most of the nominated mods, so you were well prepared to decide, and decide you did.

Millenaire wins this one by a landslide with 67% of the mods. It seems the realistic villages defeated the fantasy background of the other nominees.

Another category is the Best Game Mechanic Added by a Mod. This was a tough one to even nominate, let alone vote, because of the huge amount of great mods out there that add new stuff. But your votes decided a winner, and it is…

Yes, the weather from Coros Weather Mod was chosen by you as the best game mechanic, and I tend to agree with this since it really adds a lot to the game in terms of immersion and realism. Plus, the tornadoes look so darn cool.

Finally, our last category was not a look back at the great year of mods we've had, but a look into the future and what 2013 might bring mod-wise. It's the Most Anticipated Mod of Next Year category! And the winner is…

Yes, Realms of Argoth won this one. I have to say that I'm surprised by this one since it was a tough category, and we haven't heard a lot about this mod for a while, but it seems like the original article/interview I did stuck with you so much that you voted it the winner.

Congrats to all the winners, and here's to another great year of modding. Hopefully, it will be defined by the release of Mojang's Mod API which should shake things up a lot. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do you agree with the winners? As always, leave your feedback in the comment section below.