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Ravand's Realistic Texture Pack (16x 32x 64x 128x 256x)

Realistic texture packs always push the envelope when it comes to graphical improvements in Minecraft. These kinds of packs are always the first to use new features that Optfine/MCPatcher/Shaders implement. Ravand's pack is no different, using random connected textures to raise an already good pack into awesome territory. Let's take a look…

As is custom, let's start with terrain. This being a realistic texture pack, the terrain is obviously very detailed. I tested the 64x version which is the recommended one, and the details were extremely impressive for that resolution. The detail did however cause some noise issues with distant terrain, but turning on mipmapping fixed that. As of 1.7, mipmapping is available in vanilla Minecraft, so it's easily fixable and not a downside to the pack.

The mod supports BetterSky which allows for a beautiful, detailed sky. It also supports biome-specific fog and sky color, making biomes distinct and adding to the overall feel of the mod. Finally, it support connected random textures in a very special way. The pack makes large surfaces of one block type to have a very big, seemingly random but still connected texture, making it look insanely realistic. I found examples of this in ice, stone and sand, so here they are:

Moving onto the items, the mod provides some realistic item icons. It's not finished quite yet so some items are missing, but the ones that are finished look good. The only problem is the GUI, which is too dark so it clashes with the items, making the otherwise pretty item icons barely visible.

Next there are the mobs and animals. Both are highly realistic and fit nicely with the rest of the pack. The mobs are all very nice, especially the zombies which have one of the best textures I've ever seen.

The animals on the other hand, while realistic, can be quite creepy. This is a problem with many realistic packs and can easily be overlooked, but I thought it was still worth noting.

Indoors are nice. The detailed textures make for a very nice look, and the random connected textures shine again here. For example, if you like to use plank for your floors like I do, you'll find that there will be random cracks and patterns on the floor. This might sound bad, but it looks great in-game and I liked it very much.

The Nether is very dark, as is the case with most realistic packs, but pretty enough to make up for it. There's really not much to say about it, so here's another picture:

That's it for this texture pack showcase. If you'd like to see more 1080p pictures of the pack or download it, the links are here:

Click here to view a gallery of high resolution screenshots with the texture pack.

Click here to download Ravand's Realistic Texture Pack now!

Like always, feel free to let us know how you liked the pack in the comment section below.