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Default 3D - turn blocks into 3D models!

In a recent snapshot, Mojang have allowed resource packs for Minecraft to include 3D models, allowing them to essentially replace any block with a more complicated model. In time, someone was bound to use this new tool to create 3D models of every default block in Minecraft. Know2Good from PlanetMinecraft is that someone. Let's take a look…

While still not completely finished, Default 3D includes a ton of blocks already reworked. From building blocks like bricks and planks to flowers and doors, almost everything has a new look now. To see every model Default 3D (currently) changes, you can check out this neat imgur gallery.

The first model you'll probably notice when you spawn in a new world are the flowers. Instead of the usual 2D sprite there's now a fancy pixely model that fits well within the style of Minecraft. This is the case with most models. They add more depth to things and make them look nicer while still not breaking the core Minecraft style, which is something I'm sure lots of people will appreciate. Another good example are the ores, where only the actual ore sticks out while the stone part of the block is flat and normal.

The pack also adds small things on the ground like leaves and twigs on the ground (and shells in the oceans), which is a nice touch. On the house side of things, you'll notice improved crafting benches and function blocks. Once again the style here fits with the vanilla style while providing more depth.

There's really not much to say about the pack. It's unique and definitely worth checking out. While the aesthetic doesn't change much from vanilla and blocks even look absolutely the same from a distance, it's still a very subjective thing that some people will like and some will not, but everyone will agree that it's well done and demos the new model feature well. You can get the pack yourself here:

Download the Default 3D resource pack here!

Installation instructions

  1. Copy the downloaded pack and paste it in the resource pack folder in your .minecraft folder. If you don't know how to get there, use the in-game menu (Options>Resource Packs>Open Resource Pack folder).
  2. Go into the game and activate the pack.
  3. Done. Enjoy!

Please stay tuned for more Minecraft mods, news, updates, suggestions to improve your experience, and more.