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WorldPainter - Graphical & Interactive Map Creator/Generator

Have you ever wanted to manipulate the terrain of a Minecraft world on a massive scale? Raise mountains, fill lakes and create new biomes? Oh, has Captain_Chaos got the tool for you. WorldPainter is a tool for Minecraft that will let you do just that. It generates a world the size of your choosing which you can then edit with a massive set of tools. You have seen it in action before since it's used for survival maps a lot, but if you'd like to try to use it yourself, read on.

The basic tools at your disposal are pretty straightforward, you can raise or lower terrain, create mountains of various shapes, fill areas with water or lava or change the spawn point. There's also the sponge to clean up unwanted water or lava, and smooth and flattening tools to polish your terrain. These tools allow you to basically create the height of the terrain at various spots. They let you do a quick overhaul or spend hours smoothing the last detail out. You can of course zoom in and out.

You create biomes by creating layers of swamp, jungle, ice, pine or some of the others at your disposal. With these, you can create a varied and nice-looking map in a very short amount of time. There are also terrain types that you can spray over the terrain with the available brushes or you can even create your own brush shapes and terrain types to be more precise while creating your map. You can even generate and edit the Nether and the End with the same set of tools and brushes.

The tool itself has tons of features, some of which I haven't even figured out, but I'm sure mapmakers appreciate and cherish when doing their work. If you were to make a quick map and test the tool, here's a rundown of what you'd have to do, assuming you figure out your way around the program's basic features.

Your first step when creating a world would be to determine the size of it to edit. After that I recommend you get a basic shape of the map and surround it with water so that your terrain becomes an island and therefore doesn't have ugly borders and transitions nicely to regularly generated terrain around it. Then use the basic tools to create the mountains and lakes. After that, use the brushes and terrain types to make biomes and other surface features you'd like. Smooth and tweak everything so it looks nice and then export the map. World Painter will even automatically put it in your Minecraft saves folder so you can go right ahead and play it.

As an example, here's how a result of 15 minutes of me messing around with WorldPainter looks in-game (you can see a picture of the map inside the tool above):

As you can see, this is a very impressive tool that allows for creation of fantastic terrain, but it's also great if you just want to mess around a bit and create a small map for fun (which is what I did). You can get it here:

Download WorldPainter - Graphical & Interactive Map Creator/Generator here!

Like always, let us know how you liked the mod tool in the comment section below.