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Jeb adds a new biome with more coming soon!

It's been quite some time since Mojang messed with terrain generation in Minecraft, but it looks like those times are returning with update 1.7. After teasing terrain changes for some time, Jeb tweeted a picture of a new biome he called “disco mountains” and confirmed more are on the way…

The first bit of news that came out was Jeb tweeting a screenshot that was supposed to show the removal of one of Minecraft's most infamous bugs - the “black spots”. The picture tickled the interest of some fans who noticed that the extreme hills biome, which was shown in the screenshot, has pine trees in it, which aren't there in the current version of Minecraft. Jeb then confirmed that he's been “fiddling around a lot with the biomes” which led to the new biome. This is the screenshot in question:

After fixing another infamous lighting glitch, Jeb went back to work on the biomes, tweeting the following screenshot:

While this is just a screenshot, it stills shows a lot of important information about the new biome many are already calling the “canyon” biome. First off it seems to be significantly higher than the desert it's adjacent to, pointing that the biome will in fact include surface ravines or canyons. The ground seems to be made of colored clay in several shades of red, orange and yellow. This will likely make clay more accessible, removing the long underwater digging sessions many miners are familiar with.

There's another small bit of biome-related news. On Reddit, Jeb said that cliffs now exist, though he did go on to point out that this is all still a work in progress, so more information will probably be released at a later date. Terrain generation is obviously a huge part of Minecraft, and changes to it are exciting so stay tuned because the new snapshot will probably offer insight into these changes.

Which biome would you like to see added? Feel free to sound off in the comment section below!

Source for the epic thumbnail image: User Wheio on Reddit.