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The Twilight Forest Guide - The Woods


Welcome back to our Twilight Forest guide! In this edition, we're going to look more closely at the first major area of Twilight Forest - the woods - and the mobs and bosses that inhabit it. Let us begin…

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In the first part of our guide - Getting Started - you built your foothold in the Twilight dimension and found out a bit about the major landmarks you can visit independently from the all-ruling progression system. In this edition, you'll find out more about the terrain and the mobs that inhabit it, as well as the mobs that inhabit the landmarks we mentioned in the previous part (Hollow Hills and Hedge Mazes). Then, you'll learn about the bosses and their lairs. Sound good? Let's get started. Click on the item you want to read more about in the list below, or scroll down for the whole thing.

Table of Contents

  • Biomes
  • Passive Mobs
  • Hollow Hill Mobs
  • Hedge Maze Mobs
  • Skeletal Druid
  • Naga
  • Lich

The biomes of the woods part of the Twilight dimension are mostly different kinds of forests. The basic biome is the Twilight Forest, which is filled with tall trees as well as normal oak trees. There's patches of grass, mushrooms and pumpkins around just like in the overworld. When the terrain gets more vertical and the grass and trees get more dense, you've entered the Dense Twilight Forest biome. If there are lots of giant mushrooms instead of trees, you're in the Mushroom forest, and if there's lots of flowers and firefly jars on the trees, it's the Firefly Forest biome. Finally, there's an Oak Savannah biome that is flat and has very little trees, but is filled with randomly generated landmarks and tons of grass. The woods are filled with lots of passive mobs, which we will be taking a look at shortly, but no hostile mobs on the surface.

Rams are peaceful animals that spawn occasionally in the woods area of the Twilight dimension. They are largely peaceful and act a lot like the sheep in the Overworld, including drops and breeding potential.

Deer are peaceful animals that spawn in great numbers in the woods area of the Twilight dimension. They come in many sizes and are very weak. They can be bred, and drop venison and leather on death, making them a viable breeding animal for farming.

Boars are peaceful animals that spawn occasionally in the woods area of the Twilight dimension. They come in many sizes, are weak, and drop raw pork chops on death, like regular pigs. While most mods make boars aggressive to the player, the Twilight Forest boars are entirely peaceful and can be bred using carrots and ridden with a saddle, exactly like the pigs in the Overworld.

The woods of the Twilight dimension are also home to a number of mobs that are there purely for ambiance and have no gameplay purpose. Rabbits, birds, squirrels, and fireflies will all spawn in the woods and roam freely. They are extremely weak, but drop absolutely nothing when killed.

Now we're onto the hostile mobs, and in particular, those that inhabit the Hollow Hills.

The Redcap Goblins are a feisty bunch. These hostile mobs are equipped with a pickaxe, TNT, and iron boots. They can take a punch, and can deal lots of damage with their TNT attack if they get behind you, which they will try to do. The Redcap Sappers are just a stronger version of the Goblins found in larger Hollow Hills. You can identify them through their green markings on the pickaxe and boots, and then act appropriately. They drop one of the parts you need for a Magic Map, as well as (sometimes) some iron equipment.

Kobolds are another hostile type of mob that spawns mostly in Hollow Hills, though they can spawn anywhere where there is no light. They aren't very strong, but are quite fast and often group up to attack you. Take one out, and the rest will panic, making it easier to take them all out. They sometimes drop gold nuggets.

Wraiths are rare mobs that spawn in big Hollow Hills. They are quite dangerous as they pack quite a punch and can take a beating, as well as fly - making them difficult to hit. They drop glowstone dust on death.

Next up are Swarm Spiders - tiny spiders that spawn in large groups (swarms) in both Hollow Hills and Hedge Mazes. They are very weak and don't do a lot of damage, but their strength is in numbers, so be careful when being attack by a swarm. They drop string and spider eyes on death.

Hedge Spiders are our first Hedge Maze exclusive mob - they look a lot like normal spiders except they are green and usually in much greater numbers than you'd find normal spiders, due to the large amount of spawners you'll find in a Hedge Maze. Like normal spiders, they drop string and spider eyes.

The other Hedge Maze baddie is the Hostile Wolf. These wolves are identical to the wolves in the overworld once they turn hostile, and are very fast and dangerous. If you've ever messed with wolves before, you'll know that a pack of hostile wolves is dangerous and should be disposed of carefully.

Finally, there is one other mob of the woods area of the Twilight dimension worth mentioning, and that's the Skeletal Druid. It spawns only through the spawner found in Druid Huts - one of the many randomly generated landmarks in the Twilight Forest. They can take a punch, and deal lots of damage as well as poison the player, making the raid of a Druid Hut very dangerous. Think of them as the witches of the Twilight dimension. They drop another crafting material needed for the Magic Map, and sometimes, their golden hoe.

Now that you've met all the mobs, it's time to head to the bosses. The first boss in the woods area, and therefore the entire Twilight dimension, is the Naga. You'll find the Naga in its courtyard (you can use a Magic Map to find it easily). The courtyard is a rather large area of stone pillars and grass. The Naga will spawn once you enter the courtyard. You can't damage the Naga from outside the courtyard, so you can't resort to cheap tactics to beat it.

Luckily, the Naga isn't a very hard boss and is really the tutorial boss to help the player start their journey. Nonetheless, it looks big and dangerous, and the fight is certainly very exciting.

Once you engage the Naga it will start slithering around trying to hit you. It has no attacks except for the melee damage it deals when it touches you, though it will break the stone pillars if it runs into them.

The trick to fighting the Naga is to stay mobile and use a ranged weapon - most likely your trusty bow. Avoid its charges and keep shooting at its head, since that seems to be the only place it can take damage. As you deplete the Naga's health, it will get shorter by shedding its tail, but will gain speed, causing a bit of a ramp up in difficulty as the fight goes on.

If you do everything right, the Naga should explode in a glory of XP and loot - loot which includes the naga scales which you can use to craft armor, but is also the item you need to unlock the next boss - the Lich.

The Lich resides in his tower - the Lich Tower. It's a formidable structure you will have probably noticed during your travels earlier. If you have defeated the Naga and obtained its scale, the tower should be accessible. If not, the progression system will block you from doing anything, and a green particle effect will let you know that is the issue.

The tower is really just one tower with a bunch of auxiliary cubes connected to it directly or via bridges. To enter the Lich Tower you should find the lowest cube with a little wooden roof, and find the two cobblestone blocks on the otherwise stonebrick structure. Those indicate the intended entrance. Once inside, you'll find the tall main tower which consists of two staircases climbing up, with a spawner on every level. Break them all and clear everything out for the loot and experience - it should not be difficult.

What will be difficult is the Lich, which you will find in the topmost room with fancy paintings and a glass floor. The Lich is a tricky enemy, and you'll have to fight him carefully through three phases. Coincidentally, this is the part that drove me to write a guide - I was way too stupid to figure out what to do by myself, and it wasn't easy finding proper info online. During the first phase, the Lich will spawn two black copies of itself that will, along with the Lich itself, shoot spells at your face. What you have to do is hit those spell balls back at the Lich, depleting the little shields it has floating around it.

Once they are all depleted, phase two will commence and the Lich will spawn zombies to try to eat your brains for a while. Take them all out, ignoring the Lich itself. Once you take them all out, it will have no choice but to engage you in direct fisticuffs, at which point you can simply beat him to death.

Once you kill the Lich, he will drop an assortment of sweet loot - his golden armor and sword, some ender pearls and bones, and one of three scepters - you know - the ones he used to try to kill you. Picking up a scepter will lift the protection from the swamp are of the Twilight dimension so you can get ready for the next step in your twilight adventure…

For now, that's it, but stay tuned for more Twilight Forest, as well as Minecraft mods in general. Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.3.3  for Minecraft 1.7.10.