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Interview + Preview: Realms of Argoth


We've seen some pretty crazy and complex models added by mods, but Realms of Argoth blows all that stuff out of the water. This expansion being made by Aeron, aims to rework the entirety of Minecraft by adding complex 3D models, new blocks and features while keeping the basic gameplay premise that made Minecraft so popular. Find out more about the mod and read the exclusive interview.

Currently there are several very interesting features already implemented and working. First of all there is a completely reworked interface. The inventory looks a lot different, as it now looks more like the inventory in big RPG games, and has more armor slots like rings and gauntlets. This looks like an interesting addition which could be really awesome if armor stats are improved to be more complex. Hovering over an item will show some stats like durability and damage (on swords).

There are also new decoration blocks. Chairs, stools, cupboards, couches  and desks all with very complex, nice looking models will make your house look much nicer. Shelves are implemented and look neat and ladders and stairs have new 3D models. Windows look much better and can be interacted with - opened and closed - and multiple windows are intended to open together on right click. Chests are redesigned to be more realistic and fit in with the rest of the new stuff.

Aeron has also decided to rework wood, making it completely round instead of a block. At first I thought this was going to look awful in the blocky Minecraft world, but the pictures convinced me otherwise - it actually looks pretty cool, and his addition of horizontal logs is very welcome and can be used for house design.  An addition are new workstations (like furnaces and craftbenches) which includes an anvil and a sawing table, as well as war banners (which could be very cool in multiplayer). Slopes are a new addition too, and with them you can make better looking roofs and other stuff. I assume they are made using the sawing table.

To expand Minecraft's mining, new ores are being added, and those include copper, corundum, cobalt, malachite, platinum and more. A cool graphical addition are new models for torches, which are different for ground placed torches and wall attached ones. There is a new player model, this time consisting of more than just cubes, as well as new 3D armor to fit that player model. The mod also includes custom new music.

I talked with the creator of this amazing mod, Aeron about the mod. Here's the exclusive interview:

LittleDinamit: Let's start with a simple one. You have a whole lot of features implemented already. What kind of stuff are you planning? Are mobs in the works?

Aeron: Yes, the skeleton model was kinda abbandoned, when I almost completed the skeleton head model, it has too many polygons atm, skeleton mob model will be the first one in the list to be replaced with the new 3d model. About other custom mobs, I have delayed any progress on them until I finish remodeling existing mobs and NPCs, including Snowman and Golem, all the neutral mobs as well, to make out of Minecraft a really beautiful and nice looking 3D game experience.

LittleDinamit: Very interesting. What are you doing with terrain generation? Obviously the game is already good at it, but new stuff could fit in nicely with all the new features you're implementing, some of which have a very RPG feel to it which terrain generation could use. Do you have any plans for this?

Aeron: Terrain generation is something I am looking forward in the long run, but not in the closest time period, the only addition to it will be the new ore generation, that are now listed a total of 13 new resources of possible 16 by using only one block ID for that purpose. I would definetly love to work later on on things like dungeon generation using the new elements, that will be implemented, which at this point will be only human craftable and not generated in the world, with the exeption of existing models like chest generation in dungeons etc, I only altered chest, so that it has new GUI, larger inventory, stack limit and of course new model.

LittleDinamit: I often read comments on the site from people complaining about certain mod like Evil Minecraft being unplayable due to it requiring more power than vanilla Minecraft. Since your mod has high polygon models as well as other very good looking stuff, how will it impact performance?

Aeron: At the moment Minecraft has seriouse performance issues by itself, that's why it is using by default simple models and low level textures, on my computer the mod runs roughly at 30-50 fps, which I consider decent enough for current gaming standards, since I play Global Agenda and i get < 30 FPS there. Yes, you will need a more powerful computer than one, which runs default Minecraft, however I will try to do my best to improve the performance in the last stage of development before the first release, I have multiple machines with variouse video cards and processor power to test the performance and based on that post the minimum requirements of hardware to run the mod.

About the 3d models, furniture etc, I try to make them as low polygon as i can, for instance the new armchair has only 93 polygons. I can add that it purely depends on how many models players will stack up in close distances.  Try stacking up chests in a pile of 10x10x10 and youll see how “good” is minecrafts performance. It has issues with tile entities in general. Player initial model had 5000 polygons, now 1500, so I really take that into consideration, better less polygons but more stuff in the world than more polygons and barely some things.

LittleDinamit: It's very reassuring to hear you're taking care of that. I was wondering about the online side of things. You've stated previously the mod will support multiplayer. How is that part of the mod coming along? Are they being codeveloped or do you plan on adding that post-release.

Aeron: Multiplayer is planned post-released and I will be setting up a test server with planned 100 slots for multiplayer testing of the mod, about the form of it I can't be for sure at the moment, since the person, who wanted to help me on setting it up for multiplayer to run through a Bukkit plugin for Bukkit Server software, I haven't seen or gotten the chance to contact him since mid March, so I will be coding it based on SP code on standard server software, possibly running with Modloader MP.

LittleDinamit: Sounds like a plan. For this last part, I have a bit of a silly question: Are you going to change the creepy eyes on the default player texture? XD

Aeron: I did change the eyes, though I may alter the face polygons at some point, can't say for sure, but since I do plan of adding gender support and possibly changable hairstyles, I will have to remodel the head at some point.

LittleDinamit: And those are going to be features for premium members?

Aeron: Possibly yes, because I am thinking of making the customization of your character through a website interface, that will store your appearance through database.

LittleDinamit: Ok. Thank you for your time, it was a great interview.

Honestly, just looking at the screenshots and videos, I could go on about all the new stuff this mod will add. The thread is updated often with pictures of new features, and it looks like this ambitious project will actually see the light of day. To find out more hit up the official mod's thread:


It cannot be downloaded yet, but it should be ready soon and fully come out this year. Multiplayer support is also planned post-release.


What do you think of the mod? Does it look good to you, or do you think round stuff in Minecraft is blasphemy?  If you have any suggestions to be added to the mod you can leave them in the mod's thread, the creator is taking suggestions. As always, leave your feedback and opinions in the comment section below.