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The Aether Mod

The Aether Mod just might be the largest and most complex mod that we've ever seen released. This mod adds an whole new dimension to your Minecraft world named “The Aether”. The Aether being the anti-pole to Minecraft's Nether World.

Whereas the Nether is a desolate & barren wasteland containing pits of lava, netherrack, soulsand and glowstone - the Aether on the other hand is absolute Nirvana.


The portal to the Aether is similar to that of the Nether world. The frame is built out of glowstone, but then is activated with a bucket of water.

Aether Mobs:

When you make it to the Aether you”ll notice that there are quite a few new mobs that you haven't seen before. Your first encounters will likely be with flying pigs. These flying pigs can be flown with a saddle without being tamed first. But they can only jump one. The next mob is the Aerwhale. Aerwhales can be seen flying about in the Aether and are completely harmless. When the sun sets on the Aether you'll encounter the Cockatrices. These new creatures are among the mobs in the Aether who can actually harm you, but similar to the Pig Men in the Nether world they will not attack first. Cockatrices expel poisonous needles that serve up heaping amounts of damage. So be armoured. Or just leave them alone.

Another mob you'll find is the Moa. These peaceful birds can be found in while, black and blue. Wild Moas cannot be tamed, but they do drop eggs. Moas' eggs can be incubated with an incubator block with ambrosium torches used as fuel. Once the eggs have been incubated the baby Moas can be fed Aechor Petals. They'll need a total of seven Aechor Petals to reach full-growth but they can and will refuse to eat. Once they're fully grown they can be tamed by placing a saddle on their back, but unlike the flying pigs, Moas can jump an unlimited amount of times including in mid-air. Blue Moas are able to perform 3 mid-air jumps, Whites 4 and Blacks 8.


The Aether features three different levels of dungeons each with unique loot that can't be found anywhere else. These three levels are bronze, silver and gold. Each dungeon will have bosses that need to be defeated in order to get the loot. The blocks that make up the dungeons can't be broken until the bosses are defeated.

There is so, so, so much more to this mod! See the video below for more details.

Installation & Download


DOWNLOAD AETHER MOD V1.02 HERE ***Not Password Protected*** Download away

UPDATE - The Aether Mod has been updated for Minecraft 1.0.0. Read More About It HERE