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Superheros Unlimited Mod - become Batman, Superman, Flash, Wolverine or Martian Manhunter!

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero and kick criminal behind? Well, with the Superheroes Unlimited mod, you can do so in Minecraft! Made by Tihyo, this mod currently adds 5 heroes you can become by crafting their armor and therefore gaining their powers. Let's have a (x-ray) look…

The first hero we will be looking at is Batman, because Batman is the best superhero and everybody knows that except for apparently the creator of this mod. Wearing Batman's armor gives you the ability to glide by pressing F, therefore negating fall damage. His armor is extremely strong (diamond quality) and looks awesome because it makes you look like Batman. To keep the suit company are batarangs, one of Batman's signature weapons, which are crafted with black iron (a new ore added by the mod). There's also a grappling hook, but it has no use at the moment. Click here for the crafting recipes.

Next up is Superman, the most powerful hero in this mod. Wearing his suit will give you the power to run super fast, fly super fast and his armor is twice the strength of diamond. He basically has the powers of all the other heroes in one, which is only balanced because he still wears his underpants over his trousers. Click here for the crafting recipes.

Then we have Wolverine, who is the only Marvel character in this mod (for now). His suit gives you the power to jump higher and take no fall damage, and it's protection value is the same as diamond. To accompany the suit are Wolverine's claws that deal an ungodly amount of damage. Click here for the crafting recipes.

Flash is in this roster too with his power of incredible speed. His armor also negates all fall damage and is as strong as diamond.  I'd say that running around as Flash is the most fun I've had with the mod since Batman doesn't have many gadgets. Click here for the crafting recipes.

Finally we have Martian Manhunter. He runs faster than usual, but he isn't as fast as Flash or Superman. He does have the ability to fly, but again, not as fast as Superman. Like almost every character in the mod, he doesn't take any fall damage and his armor is as strong as diamond armor. Click here for the crafting recipes.

That's all the characters in the mod, but there is also new Kryptonite ore that is a bit stronger than diamond. You can use it to craft a pickaxe or a sword. Finally, there are more characters and items in the works for future updates of the mod.

I found the mod very fun to play around for a while, but it's not very well balanced for regular use since suits are ridiculously easy to craft (mostly wool recipes). I still recommend you try it out for a while, and you can download it here:

Download the Superheroes Unlimited Mod here!

As always, feel free to sound off  and let us know what you thought of the mod in the comment section below.