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The Aether II is in development

It's no secret that people love The Aether mod. It's one of the most popular mods for anything ever, and it got our Diamond Pickaxe Award last year. The Aether team has been very quiet for some time now, not updating for 1.1 or 1.2.3, and people have been asking what happened.

Well, the Aether team has responded, and the situation is better than we could have hoped, they came out with an announcement saying they are developing a sequel to The Aether - The Aether II, which will be a lot different than the original, and will include even more content.

They said:

 A sequel to the Aether is in development. Get prepared for Aether II, a complete redesign of the original mod with hundreds of new features and mechanics. New bosses, dungeons, terrain, biomes, and items.

More info in the coming weeks

Completely new content? Hundreds of new features? Sounds good, right? Hopefully the same team will be working on the mod and we will see it release soon. It's also interesting that it's completely redesigned, which is weird given that there haven't been any complaints on the Aether's design before. We will keep you updated on any news about the Aether II, and other Minecraft mods.

Are you excited about the new Aether? Are you glad it's being redesigned, or would you have just wanted them to keep updating the original? Sound off in the comment section below.