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Wedge - Fully Customize World Generation

World generation in Minecraft is something modders have been playing with for a long time, and it's a very interesting part of modding. Mods that add new biomes or alter current generation have always been popular among users. Now, Wedge enters the scene. Made by modder UltraMoogleMan, Wedge truly takes advantage of the new world height and makes terrain generation as customizable as you want it to be. Let's take a look.

When creating a new world, you can pick your gamemode, and then choose to either create a world normally, or go into the special menu for Wedge. Once you're in there, the mod offers you three options. Tutorial teaches you the basics of the mod's advanced tools. It shows you which sliders do what, and teaches you how to use them effectively. This very useful because there are a lot of sliders. You can customize ore generation, sea height, tons terrain features and much more. There are tons of possibilities for new, exciting worlds that are tailored to you.

After you're done setting up, you can create your world and start a new adventure. With all the options, as much as you might understand what they do, you may not be able to get the world just right without some testing. Since creating a new world every time would be tedious and annoying, the creator put in a special preview mode that shows you a small piece of the generated world so you can see your settings in action quickly.

You don't need to bother yourself with all those options, though. There is a special easy mode in which there are only two sliders: a crazyness and a water level one.  This way, you can customize your world without going into too many menus and adjusting a bunch of sliders. The world that come out of any of these modes are amazing. Since Wedge fully takes advantage of the higher world height, you'll see tall mountains, giant trees and, if you set the crazy up a bit, amazingly incredible overhangs. If you go with a maximum crazy world, you'll get a very nice looking, but very holey, a bit too vertical world. I suggest you do a compromise and make a slightly crazier, yet not too crazy world. You'll get amazing landscapes but it will still be a environment that can support survival and isn't confusing.

If you like crazy landscapes and amazing land formations, you'll love this mod. There is material to experiment with world for hours, and they can actual turn into very fun to play worlds if you don't get too crazy with the settings. You should try this mod. It requires only ModLoader, and you can get it here:

Download Wedge - The World Generation Editor

What kind of world did you create with the mod? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.