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JohnSmith Texture Pack

When you talk about texture packs, you're very likely that someone will mention JohnSmith's 32x pack. It's one of the most popular texture packs out there with a giant fanbase that adds support for various mods for the texture pack, and it has a very unique look to it that will stick to you if you're into that sort of thing. However, since it has such a specific style, it doesn't sit well with a lot of people. One thing is sure - you can read all about it, and see pretty pictures, right here in this article.

Let's start off by describing that style JohnSmith has. It's very rustical, old-looking and has that aesthetic that tile sets in old RPG games (like the early Final Fantasy series) have. This is the main draw for a lot of people. You may not realize this, but gamers are very nostalgic, and this look brings back good memories. Anyone who loved the look of those old games will love this texture pack. On the other hand, young gamers can go both ways, and you really won't know if it fits you until you try the pack yourself.

Enough about the style though, let's take a closer look at the world. The textures meld very nicely together no matter what materials you're using, which is very hard to achieve with texture packs. This makes every building look nice and smooth, and can be used to amplify the awesome level of your build when showing it to friends. The terrain also looks nice, though I must say it's a bit dark during the day for my taste,  but the night looks amazing and scary at the same time. The darkness consumes everything around your little hut which  I'm fairly certain is the custom light the creator implemented at work.

The animals are fairly generic. They have no particular style to them, and just look bland and boring. The mobs however, are very scary and gory, combined with the custom light, they can create paranoia in the player like I haven't seen before with a texture pack this low res. The items fit the tone of the pack as well, and are realistic, old-looking, but still interesting. Some items look better than others, but there aren't any confusing or misleading ones.

The Nether benefits fully from the dark look of the pack, once again capturing that scary style I like about the pack.

The texture pack has a customizer and supports RandoMobs as well as custom colors, light, animations and all that other neat stuff MCPatcher and Optifine offer. It's a good texture pack, but it may not fit everyone. I definitely recommend you at least try it, you might find it surprisingly good-looking. You can download the pack from here:

Download the latest version of JohnSmith Texture Pack!

What do you think of the pack? Do you like the RPG look and feel, or do you just like the realistic approach?