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Evil Minecraft v0.666 - one of the most ridiculously large mods you'll ever play

The Evil Minecraft mod has been in development for a long, long time. We've gotten teases for it and it's had preview releases with some features implemented before. But now the (in)famous 0.666 version is finally here, and it has one of the biggest feature lists we've ever seen. The mod updates certain graphical aspects, game mechanics, adds new mobs, items and blocks and much, much more. After several hours of play, I kept discovering new things, so this article will probably just scratch the surface, but I'll try to point out the biggest changes.

The first thing you'll notice are the interface and graphics changes. There is a new main menu screen consisted of a 3D house (with random blocks that change every time you play) and doors and ladders with signs attached that you can interact with. There is a 3D model of you in the house. It loads your skin, but only if you are human. Yes, you understood me right, you can change your race. Besides the regular Human model, you can be a Dwarf, Halfling, Pigman, Elf, Orc or even Testificate! Different races have different advantages: Elves are good with bows, Dwarves are slow but mine faster, Testificates spawn in villages…

When you enter a world, you'll notice a lot of new stuff at once. The HUD is altered to include a dynamic list of items you pick up in the top left corner. Terrain is more smooth as dirt now shifts shapes to adapt to the terrain, effectively making dirt stairs and slabs. This does look a bit odd from up close but when you get used to it the landscape looks nicer. When you are hit or you hit something, blood splatters all over the floor and even makes water red. A new block breaking system is in place so block damage states are now saved and you can therefore mine multiple blocks at once. Breaking a block also has a very fancy new animation (can be turned off) which makes the block visually break and get smaller as you break it.

Evil Minecraft improves upon existing mechanics of Minecraft by tweaking them and adding new stuff like the new torch system, very much like the one Notch planned to implement but scrapped, in which you have to relight the torch with a cheap to make lighter (stick+plank) every now and then or it burns out. Lanterns are a new item that never burns out but is more expensive to craft. Several biomes are improved - most notably the jungle and snow biomes. Jungles now have an even more lush flora and fauna, with randomly generated abandoned shacks, new flowers and mobs in them as well as a darker shade. Snow biomes now include a randomly generated igloo and several new cool blocks like snow bricks, snow dirt and ice furniture as well as new mobs and even icicles on trees.

The mod also greatly expands upon both existing dimensions adding new mobs, trees, ores in the Nether to new dangerous Ender Creepers which teleport to you and explode and are easily the scariest thing ever in anything because of that. With new ores, you can craft new tiers of weapons and armor as well as hammers which are used to fix block that are damaged, which is a decent solution to the problem that arises when you accidentally damage your floors, but certainly not the most elegant one. To expand decorating possibilities, new blocks were added like walls, chairs and tables made out of all kinds of materials. Display cases that have been added and allow you to display items in a glass-like block.

Pigman tribes roam the land, and you can ally with them or slaughter them for their meat. Graveyards randomly spawn in the world filled with dangerous enemies, but useful supplies as well. Slimes leave slimy trails behind which you can use to craft slime blocks and bounce on them. Mud and quicksand can be found in the wild regions of the world. I actually haven't noticed many bugs in my time with the mod, which is a nice surprise considering how big the mod is.

The mod also expands upon all kind of other aspects of Minecraft, and even more stuff is planned for the future. You can download it in its giant entirety here:


Please do keep in mind Evil Minecraft is a complete overhaul and is therefore incompatible with pretty much everything. Do not install any mods alongside it if you want it to work. What do you think of Evil Minecraft? Is it awesome or just too evil? Leave feedback in the comment section below.