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Texture Pack Gallery - R3DCRAFT Smooth Realism

In this edition of texture pack gallery we're taking a look at a new entry into the crowded resource pack market - R3DCRAFT by UniblueMedia, which has two similar editions - Smooth and Default, of which the focus is on Smooth Realism. With support for shaders and multiple sizes, it should work for everyone. Let's take a look…

The pack focuses on using the vanilla textures as a baseline for highquality remasters that include shading, details and simply more texture in the textures. As the creator puts it:

R3DCRAFT enhances the missing realism, with high quality textures, smoother color transitions, smooth shapes, shadows, lighting, missing details + so much more.

While the current version of the pack is certainly impressive, it is still far from done, which means lots of texture aren't included yet. You'll notice some terrain textures are still vanilla, that I didn't take pictures of all mobs due to there not being a texture for them, and that not all items have been remade. With this in mind, let's begin!

We hope you enjoyed the R3DCRAFT Texture Pack Gallery! Here's a higher resolution version of these pictures and a download link:

Full HD screenshot album (no watermark) of R3DCRAFT here!

Download the R3DCRAFT resource pack here!

As always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.