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Sphax brings more Holiday Cheer with his christmas texture pack!

Happy Holidays! We hope you are enjoying this holiday season, and wanted to showcase a little gift a certain artist left for all you Minecrafters out there. If you're not feeling merry enough after the Christmas Mod we featured a couple of days back, you'll be happy to know that Sphax, one of my personal favorite texture pack artists, has released a special holiday themed pack for all of us to enjoy. Let's take a closer look at the gift Santa Sphax left us.

The pack is a variant of Sphax's PureBDCraft pack, with most of the textures slightly altered, and the same well-known comic book style the pack usually offers. The textures that are changed have evolved into their final holiday form. Pumpkins, Melons, Jack-o-Lanterns and chests are all differently colored presents, iron bars are icicles, jungle wood is colorful, spruce leaves have berries and their saplings replicate the style. Other textures had minor alterations done to them to be more suitable for holiday builds. Grass is always covered in snow, which is a nice touch and really helps the atmosphere.

I tried to keep this article short and sweet so you can get right back to your holiday celebrations. There are some other changes, but what's the fun in spoiling everything? You should download the pack and see for yourself. Get it here:

Download the Sphax XMas Texture Pack (scroll down a bit)!

Tell us if you liked the pack in the comment section and have a very merry Christmas!