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The Twilight Forest Guide - The Ice Kingdom


The Twilight Forest Guide nears the end of its journey with our penultimate episode. We enter the Ice Kingdom…

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  • IV: The Dark Forest
  • V: The Ice Kingdom - You are here!
  • VI: The Highlands

You've almost reached the end of your journey. The frozen domain of the Ice Kingdom sprawls in front of you, and the fiery tears you obtained in the Dark Forest protect you from its cold. It's time to take a look at the biomes, enemies, and bosses of the Ice Kindgom.

Table of Contents

  • Biomes
  • Mobs
    • Winter Wolf
    • Yeti
    • Penguins
  • Yeti Lair

  • Aurora Palace

As you approach the white area on your Magic Map, you will enter the Snow Forest, the first and main biome of the Ice Kingdom. It is very similar to the snow forests in the Overworld - it's a hilly area covered with trees and snow. The landscape is dotted by some random structures like wells, as well as the occasional Yeti Lair, which we'll get to later.

The other biome of the Ice Kingdom is the Glacier. This biome is usually in the middle of the Ice Kingdom area, like the Fire Swamp in the Swamp area. Another similarity to the Fire Swamp is that it is there to house the Aurora Palace - home for the main boss of this area.

The first dangerous mob you'll face in this winter wonderland is the Winter Wolf - a large hostile wolf that usually spawns in packs, which means they can be very dangerous. Luckily, they are not very tough, and can be easily dispatched from a distance.

The other danger on the surface part of the Snow Forest is the Yeti. These snowy sentinels won't seem aggressive at first, but if you get too close or hit them, they will attack. And by attack, I mean throw you, since they don't really hit you directly. Rest assured that they are still quite dangerous since fall damage is nothing to scoff at, and packs of them can get start chaining their throws together, causing you to helplessly flop around trying to escape.

Our next and probably most important mob is the Penguin. These little cuties inhabit the Glacier and don't do anything useful gameplay-wise, however, since they are penguins, and penguins are awesome, they deserve their own section.

Your journey through the Ice Kingdom will first take you to the Yeti Lair - this cube-shaped hill can be easily recognized, and has entrances on all 4 sides. Inside is a breathtaking frozen palace for the Alpha Yeti and his Yeti minions. Tread carefully.

In the Yeti Lair, you will have to fight the Alpha Yeti - the miniboss for this area. If you can't figure out which one is the Alpha, just look for the giant angry looking fella with 6 horns. Yeah, that one. He has a ridiculous amount of health and two dangerous attacks - throwing heavy damage ice blocks that also slow you and deal damage over time, as well as jumping up and down causing huge collateral damage, even destroying some of its lair.

Luckily, the Alpha Yeti has downtimes between attacks, and that's when you should try to strike. Be sure to have both ranged and melee weapons, and to try to clear out the lair beforehand to make sure you don't get thrown around during your big fight. Finally, watch out for the ice floor - it is not only slippery, reducing maneuverability, but could also just be a layer of ice over a cave or ravine, so watch out.

Once you've defeat the Alpha Yeti, you should head to the Glacier, and the main course - the Aurora Palace.

The Aurora Palace is a menacing looking giant tower made of blue and green ice. This is no Disney castle, it is filled with perils and puzzles. Let's take a look at the enemies.

The Aurora Guardian is the simplest of them - he is a warrior type of enemy with a decent amount of health and attack, but nothing really serious. Similarly to the warrior-type enemies in previous zones, this one will hit melee and doesn't have much else to do.

The Stable Ice Core is a beautiful, yet deadly, foe. This formation of ice crystals is the ice equivalent of a skeleton, except it can fly. It will shoot snowballs at range, and is not easy to kill, but shouldn't give an experienced adventurer any real trouble.

Finally, there is the Unstable Ice Core - at first glance an enemy similar to the beautiful Stable Ice Core - but once you look closer, you will realize that this formation of ice crystals isn't so neat and orderly. They attack by running at you and exploding, causing blocks in the explosion radius to transform. Be careful with these guys, they can be a nuisance.

Once you've braved all of these foes and hopped your way to the icy area where the Snow Queen dwells, you're ready for the final fight. She will fly around on a platform made of ice, which protects her from attacks and makes her very mobile.

During the fight, the Snow Queen will summon snowflake shaped mobs that acts like zombies - charging at you for melee damage, but can be easily killed. She will also try to slam down onto you from above, smashing through the ice and bringing verticality into this boss fight (now you know why you had to climb through 3 floors of ice to get to her in the start). Her final attack, which happens when she gets low health, is shooting heavy damage ice-magic at you. This is the phase of the fight where she is the most vulnerable, but is also the phase where she deals the most damage, so tread lightly.

If you are skilled enough and defeat the fearsome Snow Queen, she will drop a rare powerful bow and a trophy. With the Snow Queen's defeat, you have unlocked access to the Highlands - our final area.

That's it for this time, but get ready for the endgame…

Stay tuned for more Twilight Forest, as well as Minecraft mods in general. Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.3.3  for Minecraft 1.7.10.