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Space Magic Minecraft Mod Totally Releases Today

The day you've all been waiting for is here. Mods-For-Minecraft's first own mod - Space Magic Minecraft Mod. This mod includes tons of new additions to the game all related to space AND magic like wand-powered space ships - a new type of transportation, wizard alien elves - a new NPC and a religion system featuring  The Church of The Amazing Eternal Notch and The Super Secret Space Jeb Lovers Cult. Read on for more details.

The mod features an amazing religion system that fans of new gameplay mechanics should take a look at since it adds possibilities to add magic space powers that vary according to your allegiance to either cult. I like you. You read the text, and don't just scroll down to the download link. You're a part of the “People I Like” club now. If you didn't realize already, you should know that this an April Fools joke. You should know that I am now going to make a list of hilariously fake features and then a download link that leads to a video of a person that will never give you up (yes, that one), to trick people that aren't a part of our club. Have a nice day.

Here's a list of the features:

  • Religion System featuring two cults, more to be added later.
  • Each cult has a leader, Jeb or Notch, that is an NPC that flies around doing miracles, good or bad.
  • Wand-powered space ships that take a lot of resources to craft but can get you to space.
  • Once you get to space you can visit other people's worlds as planets.
  • A new race of NPCs - wizard alien elves - will spawn on strange planets and you can befriend them like villagers in vanilla.
  • Barbarian Mercenary Space Marines - inhabit space and will try to stop you unless you pay them.
  • When you download the mod you will get a special ability to transfer anything you built into the real world.
  • If you download this mod Mojang will release the API 5 years sooner than planned, so in 2054.

If you would like to download this mod, you can do so below:


Let us know how soon your figured out this was a joke in the comment section below.