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Slender Reimagined

Don't look… Or it takes you.

You must have heard of the horror sensation that is Slender. It swept the globe with its simple, scary premise of one man lost in the woods being hunted by the Slenderman, a creepy tall figure of horror. If you've been waiting for a reason to try it, the time to soil your pants is at hand. A new mod by iChun has been released that finally does the original game justice. It features everything you could find in the original, pages, signal noise and scary tall business people, combined with any map you could imagine. A recreation of the legendary forest/woods map from Slender is available for download to get you started with the mod.

I found this mod quite scary and I real-____________________

Download the Slender mod by iChun here (Requires Forge).

Download the Woods map (Recommended) here.

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