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HerrSommer Texture Pack

Realistic textures packs often struggle to have their own unique style. They all try to imitate reality, and therefore look too much alike. Only rare pieces of art rise above this and manage to create their own unique style despite being realistic. I already covered one of these, the famous Misa's Texture Pack, and now I will now show you another - HerrSommer by DerSommer.

First we look at the terrain. After all, it is the first thing you notice when you try a texture pack. The terrain looks colorful, the textures are detailed, but noise in distant objects is minimal. Grass is nice and bright and the cube world we know looks alive with these textures. Stone and ores are distinctive and can easily be spotted in a cave, something necessary for every good texture pack. Items look realistic, but distinctive. Like with most texture packs, it'll take some time to get used to some item textures, but later on you'll get used to them and won't think twice about what which one is.

Mobs also take the more realistic route, with scary, but not too gruesome textures. Creepers have a shading effect making them look like their skin is made of bathroom tiles. It may sound silly, but it looks really good. The spider, zombie and skeleton textures aren't very unique and look like you'd expect them to look in a realistic texture pack. The animals are also realistic, but a bit boring and bland.

Wood, planks and other building blocks look fantastic. Everything blends together nicely and buildings look beautiful both from the outside and the inside. Bricks looks kind of weird, but it's not something that can harm the overall quality of the pack. The Nether textures are dark and make it scarier than usual, as well as emphasize the dread in the dimension.

Overall, I like this texture pack. It's got it's unique style and while some stuff is boring and bland, it still beats most texture packs out there. It's very similar to Misa's work in some places. It's 64x, so it requires a patch for HD textures (MCPatcher or Optifine). It looks detailed and has quality to it that we only usually see in 128x and 256x texture packs. There are even 2 variations to it's style, the Rustic and more saturated style, and the colorful Dye style. I do recommend you try it. You can download it from here:

Download and find out more about the HerrSommer texture pack here!

Pictures in the article taken with Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders installed.

Do you like the pack? What kind of texture pack would you like to see? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.