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Sonic Ether's Shaders Updated for 1.4.6. - New Moon Rays and Fixes

Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, the shader mod we all know and love, has been updated to R6, including 1.4.6. support. New additions like moon rays are paired with long awaited fixes in a package now optimized for Magic Launcher so installation is easier than ever. Like always, the mod doesn't cease to impress with these new shader effects and looks even better in this latest iteration. Let's have a long, good, unbelievably beautiful look at this Diamond Pickaxe Award nominated mod.

Easily the standout feature of this update are the new Moon Rays. Previously, nighttime was pretty bland and boring even with the shaders, but now the moonlight shines upon the world making shadows and a very eerie atmosphere now haunts the nights. It looks stunning to say the least, and has in my opinion the perfect balance of beauty, light and dark for Minecraft nights. One new feature compliments the new moon well, and it's the way brightness now works. Previously if you had SEUS installed and went to change the brightness, it would greatly affect the aesthetic the mod tries to create. Now, the brightness slider seems to only affect small lightsources (torches, glowstone, etc.) and doesn't affect the Sun or the Moon, so you can customize how bright they are without ruining the atmosphere

All your favorite old effects are back and improved, the water shader has been reworked and now looks even better. Several water related bugs have been fixed, like rain making the water look horrible and distant bodies of water being black/transparent/odd. It even has waves now, making it look more dynamic and more beautiful than ever. The texture mapping and reflection shaders have been optimized and toned down a bit for a nice, subtle graphical effect. Shadows have also been optimized, raising performance with the shaders drastically for a lot of people.

Lots of bugs have been squashed and the mod is more optimized now, so if you previously had problems running it, you should try again since it might work. Sonic Ether has recommended playing at 720p resolution with fullscreen on for best performance. I found this to raise FPS by up to 200%, so it's a good idea to try this if your framerate drops below 30. The mod now comes packaged for Magic Launcher with detailed instruction for installation that anyone can follow.

If you'd like to try the most beautiful way to play Minecraft yourself, you can download the latest version of this mod here:

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