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Another update for Sonic Ether's Shaders (RC7) brings atmospheric fog and an HDR effect


The famous Sonic Ether is at it again with a new update to his shader baby - Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders. This new update brings a few interesting additions. Fog has been added to remove that ugly border fix, an HDR effect has been implemented that deals with variable light exposure, or in other words, give the “eyes adjusting to light after exiting cave” effect. Finally some changes to water and shadows are in order as well. Read on for more info, and of course, screenshots to show that it did, indeed, happen.

First, let's talk “HDR variable exposure effect”. This effect is a neat new addition to the game that doesn't show up a lot, but when it does it really adds to the atmosphere. In this case, that feeling when you're getting out of a cave after days of mining and sunlight hits you. The sun should almost blind you when you first get out until your eyes adjust, and with these new shaders they do.


There are also changes to existing effects (I'm keeping the fog for last, there is a reason). Water got a revamp so it's now clearer than ever and has specular highlights for added realism. I don't particularly like this effect, but I won't complain much since Sonic Ether has already posted photos of a new version of it that looks way better. The shader also has a different method of installation via the core GLSL Shader Modified mod by karyonix and its new shaderpack system that works like texture packs, just for shaders. It also no longer requires a special texture pack and seems to work with any pack, but do keep in mind that for mapping to work you still need an adjusted pack.


The fog is another addition to this update, however I could not test it. After trying for too long to get it to work, I just couldn't. These RC releases are not fully stable and optimized, so it is not a surprise that there are bugs. I noticed that some other effects, like the wet effect and the moon rays I praised so much were gone as well. Hopefully that was all a bug and we will soon see a proper release with all the features working as intended. I still included a picture of how the fog is supposed to look from Sonic Ether's facebook page.


Sonic Ether also updated his Minecraft Forums thread with this release, so you can head there to download these amazing shaders and try them yourself.

Download Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders RC7 here! [WARNING: Powerful PC required to run this.]

Be sure to read the included instructions since the mod is still very difficult to install, and beware of the bugs that might dwell within since it isn't a stable release. In fact, I liked the previous one better since it is more stable for me, and a quick test revealed that it works fine with the latest Optifine and core GLSL Shader mod, so feel free to use that one if you want to. As always, leave any feedback in the comment section below.