Minecraft Mods

Minecraft 1.4.2 has been released!

The long-time-coming “Pretty Scary Update” has arrived. Now in it's third variation, 1.4.2, it is ready to be played by everyone and available via Minecraft's launcher as soon as you login. With new mobs, blocks, mechanics, generation options and even a new boss and tons of bug fixes and other new stuff, you might just want to read on for a more detailed, clean recap of what it contains.

Let's start with mobs.

  • Witch - a villager-like ranged enemy that spawns in swamp huts, a new terrain generation feature, and attack by throwing potions at you.
  • Bats - a new type of passive mobs that spawns in dark caves, hangs on the ceiling until triggered by light and/or player movement.
  • The Wither - a new boss, a three-headed beast that shoots skulls at you, can explode to clear blocks, heals. It can be spawned by putting three Wither Skeleton heads on a T-shaped soulsand structure. It darkens the sky when spawned, and after it drops to half health, it gains armor making it immune to arrows. It drops a Nether Star, used to craft a Beacon (more on that later).
  • Wither Skeletons - new mobs, skeleton model but black texture, spawn in the Nether, a bit tougher than regular skeletons.

If that wasn't cool enough, there's plenty of new items and blocks to keep you entertained.

  • Command block - intended for expert server OPs and used to write code and create complex scenarios.
  • Anvil - a new block used to repair and rename items. Can repair enchanted items, costs levels or materials to use.
  • Flower pots - a nice new way to plant plants inside your home yard without requiring a full dirt block.
  • Item frames - frames used to hang items on walls. Most useful for displaying expensive items or for clocks and maps.
  • Beacon - an end game item, crafted with a Nether Star dropped by The Wither. It requires to be put atop a pyramid of expensive materials to work. It projects a glowing pillar of light into the sky and gives a potion-like effect of your choosing to anything nearby. Looks REALLY, REALLY COOL.
  • Mob Heads - rare drops from mobs, each one has its own version, it's used as a helmet or a place able decoration
  • Potatoes - a new food item, can be farmed.
  • Carrots - a new food item, can be farmed. Is also used to make a Carrot on a Stick, a new item that can control mounted pigs.
  • Leather Armor can now be colored with dye, making it the most fabulous armor type available.
  • Corner Stair -Finally! Automatically created whilst placing regular stairs.

All of this fancy new stuff is backed with lots of bugfixes and tweaks that are so plentiful I'm not going to cover them in this article, but you can read all about them here.

There's really no point in me taking your time any further, just go and play with the new update. Let us now what your favorite feature is and why in the comment section below.