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Upcoming: The Lord of the Rings Mod

This time on Upcoming I'll take a look at a very ambitious mod recreating a very famous fantasy universe. The Lord of the Rings mod by Mevans aims to add everything you know and love about Middle-earth and more, and it's almost there with lots of features already implemented and working.

The mod adds the new dimension of Middle-earth in which all of the content can be found. The terrain itself is very impressive. Biomes resemble regions from the LOTR universe pretty nicely, but still work as Minecraft biomes instead of just being purely aesthetic. More biomes will be added prior to release and the creator plans to have it generate more geographically accurate to Tolkien's map. The map takes full advantage of Minecraft's 256 height creating some fantastic looking terrain.

The dimension includes landmarks that you will recognize - a feature I enjoyed very much. There's giant forests filled with ents, hobbit holes with hobbits hanging around and more. The mod is just overall great at recreating the feel of Middle-earth. There's a list of mobs as impressive and big as some of the greatest mods have, and they all look good and spawn in the appropriate locations. The mod is still a work in progress, so I'm sure there's even more coming.

There's added mechanics like an alignment system that follows your actions and assigns you good and evil points, allowing you to play either side. There's dialogue and trading, and quests are in the works, hopefully to follow soon.

There's a ton of items, blocks and more, all LOTR themed, that really expand the mod into something huge. This is a real dimension mod that has a lot of content, almost on par with The Aether II, and there can only be more added as the mod approaches release.

More features are planned for the full release like boss battles and characters from the books, which make this mod something you should look out for. You can test out the public beta right now:

Click here to download The Lord of the Rings Mod Public Beta now!

WARNING: Mod is still in heavy development and may not work as intended. You might want to wait for the actual release.

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