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Furniture Mod - Decorate your house with new blocks!

Are you ready to deck out your house or base with some couches, chairs or even kitchen equipment? I hope so, because modder Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod provides the perfect opportunity to do so. With support for texture packs and lots of new blocks specially for decorating purposes, this is the mod to get when you're in need for some interior design. Take a look…

When we look at living room decorations we have plenty of cool new stuff to play with. Couches of 5 different colors (black, red, green, white and brown) are available and connect nicely so that you can arrange them into any shape you wish and still have the hand-rests at the end. A coffee table is available to give that modern, sleek look. Chairs and regular tables are available too, in wood or stone variants. There's also carpet of 5 colors (the same ones as the couches). You can actually sit on couches and chairs by right clicking, which is a nice touch, but would be cooler if the mod supported multiplayer.

On the kitchen side of things, there's a fridge 2 blocks high in which you can store things, a freezer that actually freezes things if you provide an ice pack, and an oven with furnace capabilities and a top part for looks. There's a cabinet for looks and storage capabilities. Finally, there's some bedroom stuff with a bedside cabinet that can be used to craft AND store things, a lamp with redstone capabilites, and blinds and curtains with toggle-able states that can be used to darken the room.

That's all for actual content, but it's very much worth noting that the mod supports any texture pack you throw at it and uses regular textures like wool and wood. This is great news for a lot of people since they don't have to look for texture plugins for the mod to fit into their world. I used the mod with Sphax's PureBDCraft, since it's my favorite pack, and it worked beautifully. The mod's compatibility is commendable since it does only require ModLoader and overwrites no files.

I recommend this mod to anyone looking for more options in interior design for their houses, and know I will personally be using it from now on. If you too would like to treat yo self to some great new furniture for your house, you can download the mod below:

Download MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod here!

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Version of mod reviewed: v2.7 for Minecraft 1.5.1.